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5 Garden DIY Projects Ideas

1. Stackable Planters

We do not want someone boring and ordinary planter in a nice and well-kept garden, right? What would be about something modern but at the same time that would have a touch of nature? Well, here it is! This nice and elegant vertical garden stackable planter is a great DIY what you should make. READ MORE

2. Garden Swing For 40$

Swings cost a lot of money when you are looking around shops. But, when making one by yourself, it costs a lot less. And by a lot, I mean a lot. This beautiful garden swing costs 40$ to make and are quite easy to make. If you own a garden with trees, then you definitely have to make this in a free weekend. READ MORE

3. Vertical Planter Stand

In the Summer, we all want to make our best to fix up our gardens. And especially if you are living in the city and you don’t have a lot of privacy, then having a nice garden is a must! And adding some color with flowers can it self-help you having it. So, this nice and modern vertical planter stand is a perfect way to add some beauty to your yard. READ MORE

4. Simple Backyard Tree Swing

If you have a backyard and children, then one thing that one house should have is a tree swing. It is easy to make and kids love them. Also, if you are feeling that you need some fresh air, then relaxing some time on a swing makes wonders. Read along to learn how to make a DIY tree swing. READ MORE
5. Strawberry Planter From Pallet

Everybody loves strawberries, but the best strawberries are fresh strawberries that are grown by own. Usually, if you want to grow strawberries, you need a garden where to grow them. But if you planters for that, you do not have to dig up your garden. Simply build a simple strawberry planter and start growing fresh tasty strawberries, it is not late to start! READ MORE


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