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Garden: How To Build A Greenhouse

If you have a garden and you are thinking about growing your own vegetables you are probably thinking about getting a greenhouse for yourself. But maybe you should instead make yourself one because good greenhouses go for a good buck and making yourself one can make you and your wallet happy.

This greenhouse is made out of plastic and wood. Everything is made sturdy and it isn’t very hard to make. So, instead of going to a hardware store and getting a manufactured greenhouse that will collapse in a couple of years, you should make yourself one that can handle many coming years.


How To Make It

To learn how to make a simple and sturdy greenhouse, then check out the video below, it has all the information that you need and it shows exactly how to build one by yourself.



If you made this greenhouse, we would love to hear about how it went. Please leave a comment below telling how your project went and what kind of things you would have made differently.

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  1. This is perfect! I started a few little seedlings this year to see if i could do it. The tomatoes are great but the dog decided to pee on my squash, cucumbers, and red peppers. So of course they took the plunge into the death. This little green house would be perfect, I could keep the door closed and also put my plants up on shelves.

  2. Do you have a build list of materials in exact amounts? It would save me watching the video a few thousand times. Not that it is not amazing. LOL

  3. How about the dimensions for the rafters, you claim there in the video I must be missing something ??? all in all very nice green house. Thanks Roger.

  4. Ok left a comment earlier on the rafters,,,, I went back watched the video found your measurments,, however you must of made a typo on them…I cut all my rafters at 72 and 36 wronggggg upper rafters need to be 50 inches to join correctly at the top. WOW WHAT A WASTE OF LUMBER….. OR I AM AN IDIOT THAT COMPLETELY MISSED SOMTHING BUT 36 INCHES DOSENT WORK…..MY MEASURMENT WORKED CORRECTLY AT 72 BY 50. So other then wasting lumber its still a nice little greenhouse thanks again for posting.

  5. Why don’t you publish a list of materials needed and include the dimensions of everything since that appears to be something everyone wants to see? It would have possibly saved Roger some money. Please consider a list and the dimensions and post it.

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