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Christmas Mantel Decoration Ideas

Well, December is finally here and we need to start thinking about the Christmas decoration. If you don’t want to decorate yet, well, yes it is only the first of December, but it is good to have some ideas, right? And in this post, we are bringing you some ideas how to decorate your fireplace.

There are so many different options what you should consider. What color you prefer or what style. We are bringing you six different design fireplace decoration ideas and maybe you find something which you like or you are getting some ideas what to use.

Black And White Christmas Mantel


Simple black and a white color combination is always a good way how to decorate your room. It looks pretty simple but nice and elegant.

Red And Green Color Solution


It looks very classy way how to decorate your fireplace. Red and green color combination is always a good idea for Christmas decoration, these colors are definitely traditional.

Simple But Classy Fireplace Decor


If you like to keep things simple, then this kind of decoration is a good idea. Just add some natural material baskets and living fire make it extra cozy.

Cozy Fireplace Decoration


Using candles for living light is a good solution if you don’t have a working fireplace or you have some other reasons why you can’t make a real fire. Also, you don’t have to put there a lot of things, just some Christmas socks and spruce branches.

Fun Fireplace Decor Idea


It looks so fun! Use the notes which are reminding you Christmas and looking at it, will definitely bring some Christmas spirit in the house. And of course the less is more, just keep in mind.

Elegant And Chic Fireplace Decoration


It looks so simple and elegant. If you like to keep the things simple but classy, then maybe you get some ideas from this picture.

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