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20 Dining Tables To Make By Yourself (With Tutorials)

Dining tables are as important as couches or beds are in homes. Every respectable home should have a decent dining table where the family can gather around every evening. If you have found this post you probably are thinking about getting a new dining table for your family. There is always an easy way how to get things but also they are not the most cost efficient all the time. Maybe making furniture is your passion and your hobby and you are looking for ideas, but if you are not as skilled and you are a bit of scared of DIY, then we have a solution for you. We have searched the internet for you and gathered the most beautiful dining tables with step-by-step tutorials that can help you with every step when making yourself a DIY dining table. Take a look below and we can promise you that you will find a table that you like.

Here we go.


1. Minialist Dining Table


A minimalist dining table that is easy to make an looks amazing. If you do not have a lot of experience in the carpeting, then this project is perfect for you, it requires as minimal work as minimalistic this dining table is.


2. Classic Wooden Table


A classic wooden table. If you are not looking for anything special and you like classic looks, then it is perfect for you. Also, there is the step-by-step tutorial, so you can complete this project with no problems. It is also perfect for outdoors.


3. Outdoor Dining Table


Maybe you are looking for a dining table for your garden. Dining tables that are suitable for outdoors have to be made sturdy and out of good wood. Also, they can require more work when building them. There are a lot of different styles to choose from but this table has everything that one outdoor dining table should have.

4. Farmhouse Style Table


A lot of farmhouse style dining tables are floating around the internet. These kinds of tables make you feel cozy and humble. They look great and if your home also has farmhouse style going on, then you should consider this table.


5. Rustic Wooden Table


A rustic table that is completely made out of 2×4 wood. Personally, I love this kind of tables for some reason, maybe because they have this simplistic and rustic style that has no bells and whistles. Just a simple plain good looking table, and also, not heavy for your wallet. You should seriously consider this if you are on a budget.


6. DIY Farmhouse Table Under 100$


If you your budget is under 100$ and you are into farmhouse design, then you should seriously consider this table. It looks amazing and for this kind of money, you will not be able to get a better table. If you are worried that you can not manage to DIY it, then do not worry. There is a perfectly fine tutorial, check it out.

7. Wooden Dining Table With Turned Legs


What makes this table special, is that it has turned legs. Also, it looks amazing. A full wood table that will last you forever, believe me, you can even dance on it. It is this sturdy when built right.


8. Dining Table With Concrete Top


Maybe you are looking for completely different and special. Then this concrete top dining table offers you that. Wooden frame with a touch of concrete plays perfectly together.


9. Outdoor Dining Table


If you have a garden, then you definitely have to have a table in your garden. If you do not have one yet, then you really should consider getting one. The quality garden tables can be quite pricey. But when making it by yourself, you can get it for half the price and have it like you would like it.

10. Indoor Pallet Table


Pallet table is a cost-efficient way to make yourself a table. The pallet table might not sound so great, but it really could be. You can get pallets for free if you know where to look. Hint: warehouses. Also, they can look amazing besides being cheap to make.


11. Pallet coffee table


Another pallet table, but with a different style. If you have enough imagination, you can make almost every piece of furniture from pallets. This specific pallet coffee table looks great.


12. Rustic Coffee Table


Fans of the rustic style love this table. This has real rustic style feel and looks quality. If you would like to make something classical, then this table might be the table you’d like to make.

13. Table From Wire Spool


This table is made out of something else than regular wood. This table is made out of recycled wire spool. You truly can make amazing things from unthinkable stuff. Let this table be an example what you can make if you really have a good imagination.


14. Modern Farmhouse Coffee Table


Are you a fan of farmhouse looks? This farmhouse styled table will make your living room really comfy and cozier. Take a look at the tutorial and you will find out that making this table is not so hard at all.


15. X End Rustic Table


End tables are as important as regular tables. If you are in the need for the end table and you are into classical wooden style, then this end table will deliver. Amazing little table.

16. Modern Wooden Table


If you like modern looks and want to have something unique, then you should check out this table. It has live edges and steel base. This black steel with brown wood goes together really good. Check out the tutorial and you will find out that making this table is cheaper than it looks.


17. Diagonal Base Farmhouse Console Table


A pretty table that cost ca 50 dollars to make. It has great size and has storage units where you can store your things. It is a great project to do to get an amazing table.


18. Wood Slice Table


This DIY project is as easy as one DIY project can get. But besides being an easy project, it has to be one of the best looking side tables I have seen. If you want something really pretty that looks and feels amazing, then this has everything.

19. DIY Farmhouse Patio Table


Building a table does not have to be a difficult thing to do. Tables have a simple design and building them are quite straightforward. In this exact example, you can easily make yourself an outdoor patio table. Check out the tutorial and you will see how easy it is to make a table.


20. Easy DIY Table

HomeMade Modern DIY The Easy DIY Table Postcard

Make a modern table from materials that go well together. You can easily make a nice, sturdy table. This table is made out of plywood and some steel. So, a great table that looks modern and amazing and also is cheap and easy to make. What else would you want? You can paint table legs into the color that you like best.


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