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20 Wooden DIY Planters To Spice Up Your Home (With Tutorials)

Yes, there are a lot of planters you can buy from shops. Also, most of them are made out of plastic and they do not look as good as wooden planters look. These wooden planters you can buy from the shop can go for quite a lot of money but they also look a lot better than these plastic ones. But if you are a fan of DIY, you can easily make yourself a wooden planter that will look amazing and will not cost a lot of money.

We have gathered our favorite wooden DIY planters around the internet that we have found. Every planter has a full tutorial that you can follow when making one. There are over 20 different amazing wooden planters that you will most definitely find the one you like. Check out the list below and let us know if you decided to make one.


1. 10$ DIY Tiered Planter


This is a great wooden planter if you are not into wasting a lot of money. You can make this tiered planter for only 10$. It is a great planter to spice up your doorstep.


2. Wooden Planter With Plans


More sophisticated wooden planter to make by yourself. It has a great look and has a nice design touch with a rope. It will put your woodworking skills to the test, but it the award looks amazing.


3. Hose Holder Planter Box


This is a clever idea how to add some flowers to your yard and hide all the ugly hoses. In addition, this project is quite favorable and does not require much material. And of course, it looks simple and nice.

4. Tall Wooden Planter


A tall wooden planter that will make a statement. This planter is great for the entrance of your home. It might look that it will cost quite a lot of money to make, but it is not as expensive you think. Check out the full tutorial and see how easy it is to make.


5.Tapered Cedar Planter


This planter has a very cool and chic look. Also, it is an inexpensive project, you can make this cool planter only with 10$.


6. Indoor Trapezoid Planter


This wooden planter is great for indoors. It doesn’t matter if you want to cozy up your living room or your porch, it is perfect either way. Besides it has a great tutorial, it has plans that you can use when making it.

7. DIY Louvered Wood Planter Box


This louvered wood planter looks amazing and has different look than most of these wooden planters have. It is super easy to build and you can make them to whatever size you’d like. If you like this kind of style, check out the tutorial.


8. Wheelbarrow Planter


This wheelbarrow planter is definitely something different. It might not be as easy to make as regular style planters but you will get something more special. It will definitely pop out from your garden.


9. Vegetable Planters


Growing your own vegetables and fruits can be a great hobby, but it also can make your diet healthier. If you do not have a big garden and do not want to dig up your garden, the great way to grow your own vegetables is making those simple side yard garden planters.

10. Cedar Tiered Flower Planter


It is quite a fun solution for a planter. You can add your favorite colorful flowers and make something this cool. And good idea is that you can make this awesome planter only with 10 $.


11. DIY Planter For Berries and Fruits


Another planter where you can grow vegetables, berries or fruits. It is an easy planter to make and a great addition to your garden. A great DIY project if you want something great for not a lot of effort.


12. Tall Wooden Planter with Rope Detail


This planter has a cool natural look and rope is adding a little bit rustic touch. It looks nice on the front porch with nice flowers in it.

13. Wood Pallet Bench with Planters


This bench with the planters looks so nice and clever for the porch. You can spend some fun time with your loved ones and enjoy nice and fresh flowers. Spring is a nice time, right? Everything is coming alive and look so pretty.


14. Homemade Wood Window Flower Box


If you are looking some planter ideas for your front of the house, then this planter is a nice solution. It is quite a simple to make and you can make this planter only with 15 $. And in Spring, it definitely adds some color and personality to your front of the house.


15. Wood Monogram Mounted Flower Planter


This is an especially fun idea for a planter. It may take a little bit more time to make, but the final result definitely looks eye-catching.

16. DIY Mid-Century Planter


This is a planter and a holder in a one piece. It looks very different and you definitely get some compliments for having this eye-catching planter in your yard. Also, it is easy to make and won’t take a lot of money and time.

17. Two Tier Large Wood Planter Box


This planter fits perfectly in a county home. It has a natural and rustic look but also it looks simple and chic. If you are looking some different and rustic ideas for your home, then this planter is definitely one solution to consider.


18. DIY Wooden Wall Planter


Empty walls are dull and boring. I am sure that once in a while you will catch yourself looking at your wall thinking by yourself that it looks empty and dull. A great way to make empty walls more beautiful is adding a planter to them.

19. Easy Rustic Planter Koozies


These planters are simple and elegant. Making them should not go any more than 15 $ and you can make them about in an hour.


20. Colorful Tin Can Planters and Pallet planters


This planter looks so colorful and fun, right? If these are the keywords you are looking for your planter, you should definitely try to make this one. Also, you can reuse an old wood and make it almost with no money. Old wooden pieces are adding some rustic touch for the final result.


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