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20 DIY Budget Greenhouses You Can Make – Tutorials

There are many benefits of building your own greenhouse. For those of you that don’t know, a greenhouse is a structure that enables you to create optimal conditions for a variety of different plants that wouldn’t otherwise exist. That being said, it’s not that difficult for you to build your own Greenhouse. So, we have compiled a list of some of the best DIY greenhouses that we could find.

Here is the list that contains 20 budget greenhouses. Don’t spend a lot of money on a greenhouse, make a one by yourself and save a lot of money by doing it. Start building and start growing.


1. An upcycled greenhouse


This is a specific greenhouse that features windows. If you wish to have a smaller greenhouse, then this one is definitely for you. You can even make it bigger if you want – and the best thing about it is that it’s very simple to make.


2. A greenhouse made of plastic bottles


A pretty original greenhouse made with the help of plastic bottles. Who would have thought that you could use plastics – arguably the most unpopular material in existence – for the creation of a greenhouse? The best thing about this greenhouse is that you can practically make it for free.


3. IDEA Donna DIY Greenhouse


A great greenhouse for a novice in building greenhouses. This is a great greenhouse that offers stability and functionality. There are wooden frames that help it be stable and not fall down as a prey to the elements. Also, there are the plastic sides of this greenhouse that will help block excessive sunlight while also retaining heat.

4. A trampoline DIY greenhouse



A greenhouse made with the help of a trampoline. Did you know that you could use a trampoline do build your own greenhouse? We think that this is one of the most original ideas that you could implement. If you happen to own an unused trampoline – then this is a great option for you.


5. A mini hothouse


The perfect choice for the beginnings of your greenhousing career. If you want to start with something simple and easy to do – then this is your perfect choice. It’s very easy to create this greenhouse from scratch – and it still holds high functionality, albeit with limited space.


6. A pallet greenhouse


A great option for a cheap greenhouse. The pallet greenhouse is perfect if you want to get some plans for a rather cheap DIY greenhouse. However, it may take you a bit more effort and time in order to finish building it when you compare it to other greenhouses. But the investment may be worth your while.

7. A replacement window greenhouse


A perfect way to recycle old windows. If you want your greenhouse to not only be functional but to also look beautiful – then this is the perfect option for you. Sure, it may take you a while to get these windows, but in the end, it will all be worth it.


8. A fold-up greenhouse



A greenhouse that looks beautiful and that’s also effective. This greenhouse may take a bit more effort to build but it will be worth your while to build it. However, you need to know that it can be rather small when it comes to space.


9. A tabletop greenhouse


A very “cute” looking greenhouse. If you have an old table then you can build this greenhouse on top of it. It looks good and it’s highly portable as well.

10. A Black+Decker Greenhouse



A great looking, effective greenhouse. This is a smaller greenhouse but it’s still one where you can walk in. It has plastic sides and wooden frames which will ensure functionality and stability.

11. A box greenhouse


A greenhouse in the form of a box. You may feel a bit intimidated if you want to build this greenhouse, but the truth is that the process is very simple. All you need to do is to create the four walls and the roof, and then to place the door. It’s as simple as that.


12. PVC Greenhouse


A classic PVC greenhouse with high functionality. If you want to build a greenhouse by not following photos but only worded instructions – then this one is perfect for you. Of course, you will have to have a bit imagination in order to work without a clear image of the process that you need to use in order to build this greenhouse.

13. A Hoop Greenhouse


A very cheap but sturdy greenhouse. If you wish to build a greenhouse from scratch with the use of upcycled materials – then this is a perfect option for you. It means that you will be able to build it for cheap.

14. A removable cold frame


A greenhouse with a lid. This is a perfect greenhouse if you wish to have something simple. You can protect your plants from the cold – and when the cold is over, you can lift up the cold frame.


15. A 300 Square Foot Hoop House


A big greenhouse that’s relatively easy to build. Now here’s an option that you can implement if you wish for some more space. This is a very big greenhouse and it will take in a number of plants that you can hold there. It may take some more effort for you to build it, but the entire process is still relatively easy.

16. A Countertop Greenhouse


Small, portable, box-framed greenhouse. If you need something simpler and smaller – a place where you can put smaller plants and herbs, then this is the perfect option for you. It’s easy to build it and it’s very compact.

17. A geodome greenhouse


A very cool looking greenhouse. As the description of the photo says – this is one of the coolest-looking designs for a greenhouse. Its circular shape is a perfect form of resistance for winds.


18. A $50 greenhouse


A very cheap but effective greenhouse. As the name of this greenhouse says, you can create it for a very small sum of money. You will need no more than $50 to create it – but you will still need to upcycle some materials for it.

19. A CD case greenhouse


One of the most ingenious designs for a greenhouse. If you want to create something original, then try using a set of empty CD containers in order to create this greenhouse. It looks slick but also cute. And we don’t have to tell you that you can build it for very cheap.

20. A Barn Greenhouse


A greenhouse that has a shape of a barn. It’s not so easy to design this greenhouse from scratch, but then again, nothing of worth ever comes easy. It looks good and it’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Also, it’s highly functional and quite big.

And there you have it. These were some of the best DIY greenhouses that you can build from scratch on your own.

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