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20+ Firepit Tutorials That You Can Easily Follow – Tutorials

Best times in the year are spring and summer when to spend your time outdoors. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, then maximizing the best out of it, is the best idea how to upgrade your garden. Late nights on summer and spring can get quite chilly and dark. But there is a cure for that and the cure is a firepit. A firepit can be the centerpiece of your garden. It gives you warm, makes your garden look unique, you can grill food on it and can make dark nights more pleasant.

So, there are a lot of positive sides to a firepit but getting one to your garden might not be as easy as going to a shop and buying a one. You can’t buy a decent fireplace from the shop, you can hire someone to build you a one. But hiring someone to build a firepit might not be the smartest move, and that is because when building a firepit, it doesn’t require a lot of skill. When having a decent tutorial that supports you while building can get you far. We have gathered some of the greatest firepits for that have awesome tutorials. Check the list out and start building!


1. DIY Firepit In 4 Easy Steps


A firepit that has a simple design but still looks amazing. Sometimes the simplest things are the best things. It is one of the greatest firepits that you can make. When building it, you just need the right stones, and finding the stones is the biggest effort in this project.


2. Outdoor Firepit On A Budget


A cheap firepit that is also easy to make. If you are not looking to spend a lot of money when making a firepit, then this is the one. It will take only 60$ to make this one. Keep it simple and you can enjoy the fire tonight.


3. Fire Pit With Landscape Wall Stones


This firepit is similar to the first firepit in this list but it is also different in some aspects. Take a look at the tutorial and you find out.

4. Easy Firepit DIY


A firepit that looks beautiful. At the first sight, it might look a lot of effort but it requires less than one might think. If you like this firepit, do not be afraid of it. Check out the tutorial and you can make it happen.


cook5. Simple DIY Outdoor Firepit


Another simple firepit that you can make. It really is simple to make and also it is cheap to make. If you want to do a firepit for just one season, you might want to do this one.


6. The One Hour Firepit


Want to have a fire outside already tonight? Then check out this tutorial and you will have a fire pit in a matter of hours. It might not look the prettiest fire pit but it is great enough for that amount of work that fire pit requires.

7. DIY Modern Concrete Firepit


It takes a bit more time, skill and tools to make. But when wanting something different you have to consider those factors. This fire pit is made out of cement, so when making it, you should take your time. The outcome will be awesome!


8. Back Yard Fire Pit


Another firepit that has a circle design and is made out of stones. A good thing about that firepit is that you do not have to use cement to build it, so if you’d like to change the position, you can easily just place it somewhere else.


9. DIY Pergola And Firepit With Swings



Want to do something more than a firepit? Then you should check out this project. If you have enough room in your garden and like to build things, and if you are still here, you probably do.


 10. DIY Circle Bench Around Firepit


If you are making a fire pit you should consider making a bench around your fire pit too. This tutorial will teach you how to make a one. It will look great with any fire pit that you will make.


11. DIY Brick Firepit Project


Want a weekend project? Well, you can make this fire pit on your weekend. It is made completely out of bricks and because of that, it looks quite aesthetic.


12. Brick Firepit On A Budget


You can make fire pits out of bricks into all kind of different shapes. This one will teach you how to make a square and circular fire pit out of bricks.

13. Small Outdoor Firepit


This fire pit looks different than other fire pits on this list. This one is perfect for indoors but you can also use this outdoors.


14. Stone Firepit With A Half Wall



This firepit is made out of stones and it has a little wall. It surely looks more elegant and also it takes more time to build. You will be spending more money than you are with other firepits that we have on our list, but if it is not a problem, then it might be perfect for you.



15.  DIY Tabletop Mini Firepit


Do not have a garden where to build a firepit or you just do not want to build one? Well, you can make yourself a tabletop firepit that burns petroleum.

16. DIY Steel And Stone Firepit



This firepit has a more rustic look and its walls are built from the stell. It has a stone design on top of it. A firepit with a unique design.



17. Simple DIY Round Stone Firepit



Another simple firepit that you can make from stones. Check out the tutorial to learn how to create this one.



18. Repurposed Washing Machine Drum Firepit



Do you have a broken washing machine lying around or you know a place where you can get one? Well, if it is the story, you can make this awesome firepit that is made out of washing machine.


19. Easy DIY Concrete Firepit



Do you want to make more sturdy firepit that lasts longer? Then this concrete firepit is the one you are looking for. It has a square design and it will definitely last years to come.



20. The Sentimental Firepit




A great project to do with your family. This is a great firepit if you do not want that your firepit is seen. Get your family and mark it with your hand/feet.


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