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20+ DIY Awesome Garden Furniture – Tutorials

The spring and summer is the time when you spend the most of your time outside. And when you have a garden, you should use the maximum potential that you can out of it. There are numerous ways to make your garden more appealing to yourself, so you and your family would be more motivated to spend their spare time outside. As the inside of your home needs furniture, the outside of it also needs some. To have a great time with your family or friends you can not make it without having good outdoor furniture. The furniture that you need can be a table, couch, chairs, swing or even a bar. Or, the best way, you can have them all.

We have searched for you the most essential garden furniture that one needs. We have found tables, chairs, couches, bars and a lot more. Don’t spend a lot of your money on garden furniture, make it by yourself. After all, when making it, you can also spend your time outside. Take a look at our list and you will definitely find something that your garden needs most right now. All the furniture, that we have on our list, have a full tutorial that you can follow if you decide to make one for yourself. Happy building and please let us know what you built and how it went!


1. DIY Patio Table



This patio table is a great dining table but it also serves a good purpose on hot summer days. This table has built in the beverage cooler. Build this amazing table and amaze your friends on hot summer days.


2. DIY Outdoor Couches



A patio without couches is quite useless. And finding a suitable couch that fit well on your patio might be a hard task. And yes, they can cost quite a lot of money. So, it might be smart to make your own patio couch. That way you can choose the color and the exact size that you need.


3. Outdoor Rope Ottomans



Those rope ottomans will look great on your patio and it will definitely compliment your patio. As they might be a good design element they can also serve a purpose. You can sit on them and you can use them as tables.


4. Outdoor Bar



At summer night when you have some friends over you might find that you do not have a place where to serve and storage some drinks. Well, the thing that your outdoor furniture might need is a outdoor bar. When making one, you should not overthink it and you should keep it simple. Because you will not use it all the time.



5. Farmhouse Table



Tables are as important as seatings are. You are not able to spend quality time with your friends or family outdoors when you do not have a proper desk. Outdoor desks can cost a lot of money. Take a look at this tutorial and make yourself a proper desk.



6. DIY Outdoor Seating


Those outdoor seatings definitely look different. Those wooden stools might be a great extra for your patio as they look different and unique. A seating that will offer some design value.

7. DIY Patio Sectional



This patio sectional is completely made out of pallets and is huge. If you want to have a lot of seating space and you want it cheap, but do not want to spend a lot of money, then you have to take a look at this project.


8. Outdoor Cabana Lounge



A special place where you can spend some special nights with your second half. Also, it is a great spot when you want to spend some comfortable time outdoors. A nice summer project that will make your garden look unique.



9. Outdoor Furniture



A simple outdoor furniture that includes a table and a couch. It is a great project when you do not have a big patio. But if you do have a big patio, then just make it bigger and you will get amazing patio furniture.


11. Summer Splendor Basket Swing



In my opinion, every garden should have a swing. A swing is a great element that will give your garden more than a swing. It will make your garden look and feel cozier and you will get a place where you can swing. What else do you want?


12. Steel and Wood Repurposed Rolling Console



A wood and steel rolling console. It looks amazing and it will give your garden some storage space where you can store your things. The great thing is, there are plans and a nice tutorial that you can follow.



13. Splendor DIY Summer Hammock



If you ever have spent some time in a hammock, you might know and understand that hammocks are one of the comfortable places where to be. A comfortable hammock needs a beautiful hanging space. If youäd like to move your hammock around the garden, then you should check out this hammock project.

14.  DIY Crate Lawn Table



Looking for a lawn table? This lawn table is made out of pallets, so that means it is easy to make and will not cost a lot of money. And the most important thing is that it looks great.



15. DIY Outdoor Pallet Divide



When you have neighbors and you have a patio just beside their garden you might find yourself needing more privacy. Well if this is the case. a patio divider might be able to give it to you. Check out how this divider is made, it is quite easy.



16. DIY Outdoor Porch Couch Swing



Are you in the need for some seating space for your patio but you want something more than just a seating space? Well if it is the case, you should check out this patio couch slash swing. When sitting on this couch you will definitely find yourself falling asleep.


17. DIY Pallet Swing




Another patio swing slash couch. But this one is made out pallets and you already know what that means. Take a look at the tutorial to find out how to make this fabulous patio couch swing.



18. Flower Window Box DIY



Flowers have a huge part in the garden. They are the things that make your garden pop out and make it cozy. You might find yourself not having enough space or not having a place at all where you can put your flowers.


19. Easy DIY Hose Stand




When having a lot of flowers and plants in your garden you might be spending quite a lot of time watering your plants. And it probably means that you are using a hose. If it is so, and you do not have a proper place where you can store your hose, then you should make one for your garden.


20. DIY Bottle Opener




Tired of searching around for a bottle opener? If it is a case, then you should make a bottle opener that you can install on the wall. Also, it collects all the corks that are opened.



21. Backyard Jenga




Fan of a Jenga? This giant garden Jenga will give you a fun activity for you and your friends and family. When you will bring this giant Jenga out, you will definitely make some people look amazed.



22. Giant Yahtzee Outdoor



Yes, when having one classic game in giant size, you have to have another classic game in giant size. When you will get tired of playing Jenga, you can play gigantic Yahtzee. Both are easy to make and they are fun projects for you and your kids.



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