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20 Cheap And Awesome DIY Home Decorations – Tutorials

Every home needs decorations, they are the things that make your home look special and unique. There are a lot of different home decoration pieces that you can find from different shops, but also you might find out that they can cost a lot of money. Yes, nice things cost a lot of money, but I do not see a point on spending a lot of money on things that you can easily make yourself and they will look as good or even better. We have made a list of our favorite home decoration pieces that we think that they deserve a place in one’s home.

There are 20 different home decoration DIY project and they all have a proper tutorial that you can follow. As these projects have a tutorial that will teach you how to make it, there is no reason that you should not try your best when making them. Check out the list and choose your favorites to make, or make them all.


1. DIY No-Sew Drop Cloth Curtain



Curtains are a great way how to make your home look more beautiful and fill that empty space that is around the window. Besides making your room more beautiful, they are also crucial for making your home more private.


2. Easy DIY Floating Rope Shelf




Something that is constantly installed on your home’s wall or ceiling is considered to be decorative items. This rope shelf will give more storage room and it looks quite amazing. A perfect way to give more storage and make your home more beautiful same time.


3. Blooming Monogram DIY


A beautiful letter filled with flowers. No, you do not have to fill them with real flowers and you do not make it only one letter. Add this to your bedroom with your and with his/hers initials.


4. Floating Frames



A unique decorative item that you will not find anywhere else. This is a kind of thing that you have to make yourself to have it. Check out the tutorial how it is made and make your home look more beautiful.

5. Farmhouse Style DIY Towel Rack



Another example of how decorations can also have practical value besides being beautiful. A simple but great looking rustic hanger.


6. DIY Wood Window Valance


A DIY wood window valance. It is a unique way of how to plant your plants in your home. For this project, you only need a regular planter and some rope and you almost have this amazing rope planter. A really great way how to present your beautiful plants.


7. Industrial Decorative Ladder


Industrial looking towel hanger that is made completely out of pipes. Also, create more storage space and same time make your bathroom more beautiful.

8. DIY Wooden Lanterns


If you are looking for something that will make outdoors look more unique and beautiful, then those DIY lanterns might be a one way how to accomplish this.

9. Floral And Wire Wall Decoration



Would like to write something on your wall in a creative way? Well, this definitely is a creative way how to do it. Check it out and put your message on your wall to see for everyone.


10. Wood Slice Wall Art



This is another way how to put a message on your wall. If you want something more complex that will look artsier, then this is a way to go. There is something that you need and need to know before making this DIY project.

11. DIY Wooden Candle Holder



Candles are the most classic decorative items and they are a great way to decorate your home. And they can also decorate your home even if you do not light them up, just until they look amazing.


12. DIY Hanging Frames With Labels



Making your home look more personal is putting some picture onto your walls of your family and yourself. And making it in a creative way also gives your home this unique look.


13. Wooden Cutting Board



Yes, it is a cutting board. How is it decorative? Well, if you have some friends over, then you can not serve them some snack on a plate, you have to do it in style. And this beautiful cutting board is perfect for this kind of situation.

14. DIY Farmhouse Serving Tray



Same as the previous project, but in a different design. If you want something simpler but also beautiful, then this might be the one that you should make.


15. Wood Framed Mirror



Mirrors in your home have to look also beautiful. And a way how to make them beautiful is making a frame to them. This simple but beautiful design will fit almost to every home.


16. Light With Chicken Wire




Light up your home in style. This farmhouse style chicken wire light looks amazing. And I can say this light doesn’t fit only to farmhouses, it fits every modern home.

17. Paint Stick Basket



Add some green to your home. But when adding some plants to your home you need a home for your plants. And making it for them is, in my opinion, the best way to make it look as amazing as possible.


18. Wood Striped Wall



A way to make a boring wall look amazing and unique. This is quite a simple DIY project but it will have a huge impact on your wall.


19. A/C Unit Cover



We can all agree on that those A/C units do not look beautiful that we few have on our home walls. If you also are not a fan of them how they look, make them a wooden cover that will cover them up and it brings back that natural look.

20. Crochet Basket




This DIY project is for someone that likes to craft. This crochet basket just looks amazing and this a great way how to store some things. A stylish and unique way.


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