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20 Storage Ideas To Organize Your Home – Tutorials

It is quite common that you find your self-needing more space to store your things. You might not just want to add some shelves on your wall and call it a day. A storage space also can be a decorative element at your home. There are plenty of different ways to add some storage space to your home. For example, the easiest way to add some storage space is making a shelf and installing it on your wall, but you can also make baskets, storage ladders, drawer organizers and a lot more.

We have gathered 20 of our favorite storage ideas that will help you organize and add more storage space to your home and also will make your home more beautiful. There are simple DIY projects and also there are some for more experienced ones. We are pretty sure that if you are an amateur or not, you will definitely find something that you like. Every DIY project that we have on our list has a full tutorial with picture and instruction. So, there are no excuses if you’d like to make something for yourself. Start browsing and start building!


1. A Basket Out Of An Old Kitchen Pot



Maybe you have an old saucepot that your granny gave you a long time ago, or you just have a saucepot that is not usable anymore. Either way, you can make a unique basket out if it. This basket has a unique look and is perfect for most rooms like a bathroom. Check out the tutorial to learn how to make this awesome DIY basket.


2. DIY Rustic Towel Rail



This is a simple towel rail that is made out of wood. If you are in the need for the towel rail, you should not buy one. And just because these towel racks are the easiest thing to make. Besides, when buying one, you will spend too much money on them, as you can make one for as less than $5.


3. Pullout Baking Sheet Drawer



Got a lot of cooking hardware and you do not have space where to store them all? Well, This is a great drawer that will help to store all your hardware.

4. Spice Drawer Organizer



This drawer is great to store your spices in one place and while keeping them organized. A must have if you are big fan of spices.


5. DIY Birch Wall Hooks



Need hangers? Well, those hangers look amazing and unique. They will make your home look amazing while giving storage space to your home in a unique way.


6. Wood Slice Shelves



Another shelf that is made out of wood. It is easy to make and it looks amazing. Give your home a modern touch with these amazing wooden shelves.

7. DIY Rope Shelf



A rope shelf. It is a perfect shelf if you are looking for something that has a bit more design elements. I guarantee that these ropes will look amazing on your walls.


8. Ladder Shoe Shelf



I am pretty sure you have a lot of shoes but not a lot of space where to store them all. A genius way is to make a triangle storage module. It looks amazing and gives you plenty of room to store your shoes.


9. DIY Ladder Wardrobe



And if you have a place where to store your shoes, you also need to store your clothes. This wooden ladder DIY wardrobe looks great and is more simple to make than you think.

10. DIY Corner Ladder Bookshelf



To continue with ladder designs, then there is that ladder bookshelf that is perfect for storing all your books or other things.


11. DIY Shoe Storage Bench



Another way to store your shoes. If you want something that gives you storage space but also gives you a furniture piece, then this DIY project gives you both. Take a look at the tutorial and see how it is made.


12. DIY Mason Jar Storage



A mason jar DIY. You can make a lot of different things out of mason jars. This DIY project teaches you how to make storage space for your cosmetics. Only use a couple of mason jars.

13. Storage Ladder



Need some storage space for your bathroom? Well, you might want to check out this storage ladder that looks amazing and will definitely give enough space where to store your things.


14. DIY Wine Rack



A stylish wine rack that has a beautiful design. A simple to make wine rack that looks good. A perfect storage module for wine lovers.


15. Wood Plank Wine Rack



Another wine rack where you can store all your wines and while making your home look more unique and cozier. Make this DIY wine rack and display all your wines.

16. DIY Murphy Bar



Got patio but do not have furniture what to use when you have some friends over? Well, this murphy DIY bar will be all you need. It has storage, seating, and a table.


17. DIY Fruit Basket



It is a nice add-on for your kitchen. If you are right now storing all your fruits and veggies in one basket, then you should definitely think about making this DIY storage basket. It will keep your veggies and fruits fresh while making your kitchen look great.


18. DIY Floating Shelves




A simple but beautiful way how to add storage space to your home. A floating shelves. It might be the easiest way how to add some shelves to your home. It is also the cheapest way!

19. DIY Crochet Baskets



A crochet baskets. If you want to make your home look cozier while adding some storage space, then those DIY crochet baskets are perfect for that.


20. DIY Clothing Teepee Rack



A teepee rack from stores can be quite expensive and they can fall apart pretty easily. It is because they are made as cheap and easy as possible. Also, they look quite bad and are not giving a lot to your home besides storage. This DIY teepee rack looks amazing, gives you storage and is as sturdy as it can get.

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