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20+ DIY Beautiful Mirror Frames That Anyone Can Make – Tutorials

Every home has a mirror or two and they are crucial furniture pieces in the bathrooms, dressing rooms, hallways and in bedrooms. They are in everyday life of almost every people and a lot of us do not put a lot of effort into finding or creating a beautiful mirror frame. As mirrors are great for maintaining yourself, they are also great pieces to make your home look bigger and give a special design touch to your home.

So, we understand that that mirrors are useful to us and they are capable to make our homes look more beautiful and bigger if we are using and getting them in the right sizes and with beautiful frames that go together with our homes. So, we have gathered some of our favorite DIY mirror frames that we believe anyone can make at their home. Every DIY project has a tutorial with pictures and instructions on how to exactly make a DIY mirror frame so that you can make it with ease. The list is below and please let us know what mirror frame is your favorite from our list.


1. DIY Floor Mirror Holder



A minimalist mirror holder. If you want simple but yet unique and modern mirror holder, then this is definitely easiest but yet quite unique mirror holder. A perfect fit for any kind of mirrors.


2. DIY Hollywood Style Mirror Frame



Everyone has seen those “Hollywood” styled mirror frames in movies. Those kinds of mirror frames are perfect if you want to have a place where you can make makeup and check out your outfits.


3. Plywood Floor Mirror Frame



A mirror frame that is beautiful, simple and also has more practical value than any other mirror frame. And it is because you also get a storage space for all your essentials.

4. Modern Triangle Mirror



Want something more modern than something classic look? Well, this triangular mirror frame definitely is modern and something else. Simple to make but yet so unique.


5. DIY Tray Turned Mirror



This tray turned mirror frame looks amazing. This will pop-out from your bedroom and will give a lot to it. A really nice design mirror frame.


6. Floral DIY Mirror Frame



This is a great mirror frame if you want something different and something more that is meant more for women. A beautiful mirror frame that is made out of flowers.

7. Starburst Mirror



This starburst DIY mirror is great if you are into gold and like different styles.


8.  Ikea Mirror Hack



An IKEA mirror hack that teaches you how to turn boring IKEA mirror frame into something more beautiful. Check out the tutorial to learn how.


9.  DIY Trumeau Mirror



A real fancy mirror frame. If you really want something special that looks really old and expensive. Then this mirror frame will definitely deliver.

11. DIY Driftwood Mirror Frame



Know a place where to get your hands onto some drift wood? Well, if it is a case, you should check out this driftwood mirror frame tutorial and learn how to make this amazing DIY mirror frame.


12. DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame



It is a perfect tutorial if you need a new mirror for your bathroom. A simple design, but yet so beautiful. This will definitely make your bathroom look more natural.


13. DIY Rope Mirror



This mirror frame is perfect for people that like or already have rope styled decorations in their home.

14. Wood Framed DIY Mirror



Another simple wooden mirror frame that is simple and cheap to make, but yet looks amazing and beautiful. It will definitely fit every home.


15. Farmhouse DIY Mirror



This is something for people that like farmhouse styled furniture. This is a rustic looking mirror frame that is great for hallways.


16. DIY Round Mirror Frame



Another round mirror frame, but yet quite different. Also making it is different and takes different steps. A beautiful round mirror frame.

17.  Driftwood DIY Mirror



This is another mirror frame that is made out of driftwood. So, for making this one, you also need to know a place where you could your hands on some driftwood. This will definitely is a unique mirror frame.


18. DIY Wood Framed Bathroom Mirror



A bathroom mirror frame that is also made out of wood. It has some unique design touches that will make this mirror frame pop out and make it different.


19. Rustic Full-Length Mirrors




A big full-length mirror frame. It has a rustic style, so it is perfect for people that are into rustic looks.

20. DIY Bathroom Mirror Storage Case



This is a mirror frame that also has a lot of storage space to offer. It truly is perfect if you have a small bathroom and you want to put two things together and do it so it looks good.


21. Salvaged Farmhouse DIY Mirror



Got an old window and do not know what to do with it? Well, you can do a mirror frame out of it and it does not take a lot of effort from you also. Check it out.


22. Wall Mirror



This truly has a different style than all other mirror frames that we gathered around. This really is for people that are into different things and would like their home to have different styled furniture and decorative items. A nice little DIY project.


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