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20 Different Techniques How To Work With Wood – Tutorials

Wood is the most used material when making DIY projects and it will be the most used material. Usually, every DIY project that has a tutorial include’s the tutorial on how to make something look only one way. But sometimes people would love to have the project in another color or have it treated another way than it is told in the tutorial. But sometimes you do not know how to make something look different or the way that you would like it to be.

For that reason, we have gathered around our 20 favorite tutorials that teach you different wood treating and working techniques. These are 20 tutorials that everyone should look through to learn and understand how to treat and work with wood. Every tutorial is different and it will teach you a different technique of how to work with wood. We are certain that those tutorials are a good help for every DIY lover. Check them out below and follow the link if you are interested in something.


1.How To Achieve The Weathered Paint Look



A tutorial that shows you how to achieve that weathered look that you woods gets when it spends a lot of time outdoors.


2. How To Clean And Sanitize Reclaimed Wood



Do not know how to clean and sanitize reclaimed wood correctly? For that, we have a tutorial that will teach you all you need to know about that.


3. How To Whitewash Wood



Whitewash look is quite beautiful and it is a must know skill if you are really into rustic looks. Take a look at how to establish that look on your wood.

4. How To Stain Wood



Want to stain your wood, but do not know how? Follow the link and see how to exactly do it.


5. Gray Weathered Wood Finish



Another beautiful wood look. You have probably seen that a lot and you have wondered how this look has been achieved. If it is a case, then take a look at the tutorial.


6. How To Prevent Wood Cracking



Nobody wants that if they finish a project and some time goes by, their finished product will slowly start falling apart and cracking. For preventing such disaster, please take a look at this tutorial.

7. How To Make A Wood Filler



Sometimes you need a wood filler and when buying some from the store, you are some white putty that is only good if you are planning to paint it. Well, if you want exactly the type of putty that you need, check out this tutorial and you will learn how to make it.


8. Distress Wood With Vaseline



Yes, you can also treat wood with vaseline and it looks quite amazing. To learn this technique follow the link.


9. How To Clean Reclaimed Wood Before Using It



When starting to work with reclaimed wood, it is a good idea to clean it off before starting with a project. For that, we have a tutorial for you.

10. How To Remove Paint



Want to paint over some already painted wood? Before doing it you need to remove that old paint. And if you are not really sure how to do it, then this tutorial will teach you.


11. Modern Farmhouse Colors



Love that farmhouse look? If it is a case, you can check out a collection of paint we have. Every color has a code, so just go to a paint shop and they will mix some for you.


12. How To Paint Over Staine Wood



You stained some wood and got tired of it? Well, you can paint it over. To learn how to do it, check out a tutorial that we have for you.

13. How To Use Dark Wax



Working with wax is a bit different than working with paint. So, before starting to work with wax, we recommend to check out the tutorial we have for you.


14. How To Buff Wood



You painted or waxed some wood, but you also want to get it shining? This tutorial will teach you to have to get that shining look on your recently treated wood.


15. Marble Painting Technique



Fan of the faux marble look? You can get that expensive look without paying a lot of money. Check out the tutorial and it will teach you how to get that faux marble look on your wood.

16. Chipped Paint Finish



Learn how to get that chipped paint finish on your wood. A nice little tutorial if you’d like to make something look old.


17. Weathered Finish



Another tutorial that will teach you how to get that beautiful weathered look. It is a bit different technique than previous one, but we recommend to check out both.


18. 7 Different Paint Finishes



Here are 7 different paint finishes that you use in your DIY projects. Take a look at the tutorial to learn every each one.

19. Dry Brush Painting



Want a really unique wood finish? You can achieve that with a dry brush paint. And for that, we also have a tutorial for you.


20. Wood’s Differences



This infographic will tell you all the differences between different woods. It is a nice little infographic if you are interested in differences that different woods have.

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