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20 DIY Easy, Cheap But Amazing Furniture Out Of Pallets – Tutorials

There are a lot of different things you can make out of pallets. You can make a  table out pallets, a couch, a bed, a shelf and a lot of different things more. The best thing about making something from pallets is that it is super cheap if you know where to get them. There even are quite a lot of companies out there that are giving old pallets away for free or even pay for you for getting them out of their hands. Just make a little search around your town’s businesses and you will certainly find a company or two that have some pallets.

We have collected some of the best DIY pallet projects that are easy, cheap and most importantly, they look amazing. We are quite certain that you will find something on our list that you like and would like to make for your home. Check it out and please let us know what kind of DIY project is your favorite. Every project has a full tutorial with pictures and everything, just follow the link!


1. How To Disassemble Pallet



The first thing that will help you out on those DIY pallet project is a tutorial on how to correctly disassemble a pallet. It is a useful tutorial if you chose a project that needs other design than the pallet has.


2. Pallet Couch



Making a couch out of a pallet must be a most popular thing that is made out of pallets. And that is probably it is on one of the easiest things that you could make out of pallets. Also, they look pretty good on your patio.


3. Rustic Pallet Cabinet



A pallet cabinet that is made out of pallets. For making it, you need to disassemble some pallets. And for that, we have a tutorial on the top of the page. A beautiful cabinet.

4. DIY Pallet Sofa



A sofa, that is made out of pallets. Quite simple design, but look pretty good. A perfect if you’d like to have a couch on your patio and do not want to spend a lot of money on it.


5. Pallet Sofa



Another pallet sofa. But this project also shows you how to treat that pallet wood. Also, great project for indoors as outdoors. Good thing also with that project is that you do not need a lot of things for that DIY project.


6. Blanket Ladder DIY



A blanket ladder DIY that also needs you do disassemble some pallets. A simple and easy to make a blanket holder.

7.  10$ DIY Pallet Table



Got some extra pallet wood that you do not know what to do with? Well, you can make a table out of it. And it is super cheap, although it looks pretty good.

8. DIY Sliding Pallet Door



Besides making a table or couch out of pallets, you can also make a sliding door out of pallets. Forget those boring doors and check out how this sliding door is made out of pallets.


9. DIY Pallet Coffee Table



A table that is made out of a pallet. It has an industrial look, so it is good if you are into that kind of style. Make yourself a coffee table that looks unique and beautiful.

10. Outdoor Pallet DIY Table



Need a new table, or you have a table but it is not big enough right now? Well, if it is a case, then you can make a huge table out of pallets. A perfect project if you need a bigger table for an event.


11. Pallet Bar Table



Want to add something unique to your patio? Well, you can add a bar table that is made out of completely old pallets. A perfect table for serving some drinks on hot summer nights.


12. DIY Shed Out Of Pallets



This project is a bit harder and bigger than other projects but the reward and the outcome are also bigger. It is a shed that is made out of pallets. That project will save some serious money if you are in the need for a shed.

13. DIY Coffee Cup Holder



Do you have some coffee cups lying around your kitchen that do not really have a static place where to store them? You can make a holder for them completely out of pallets.


14. Pallet Garden Storage



If you do not want to make a shed to your garden, but you still have some garden tools that you need a storage space, then you can make yourself a storage wall out of a pallet. But you do need a spare empty wall for that.


15. DIY Rain Barrel Stand



You collect rainwater or you are planning to? You can hide and make your barrel safe with this DIY pallet tutorial. Another great money saver where you do not lose a visual value.

16. DIY Pallet Organizer



This is another pallet organizer that you can make out of a pallet. It is a bit different than previous one and needs some disassembling of the pallet. Check out the tutorial for that.


17. DIY Garden Tab



Need an extra place for your garden jobs? This is a perfect project for you then. You can easily make a garden tab out of a couple of pallets.


18. Pallet Bed Headboard



Besides making some storage spaces, couches and cabinets. You can also make a headboard for your bed. If you do not already have a headboard, then you should really think about making it.

19. DIY Wall Out Of Pallets



Do you have an empty boring wall that you want to do something with? Are you a fan of wood? If you answered yes to these two questions, then you can make a beautiful wooden wall from free wood. You only need some pallets for that.


20. Pallet Pot Rack



Another great storage project that you can make out of pallets. You can make a pot rack out of a pallet and it is quite simple to make. Check out the tutorial and see it yourself!


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