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20 DIY Planters That Will Compliment Your Plants – Tutorials

Plants are one of the biggest elements of a garden. They are what makes a garden looks beautiful. When you are planting plants in your garden, you can not just put them into the soil and hope for the best. Sometimes you might want to plant your plants somewhere where there is no good soil where you could plant your plants. For that, you need planters, and when buying planters from stores, you usually get those boring plastic planters that look hideous. There are also wooden planters that look awesome and are quality built. But the price is to the roof.

Planters are easy to make, they do not need special skills and we are certain that almost anyone can handle making a planter or two. You should not spend a lot of money on something that you can easily make and also by making them by yourself, you can make them as big as you like and design them like you would like. We have collected 20 different planters that we think are amazing. Those planters itself look great and when planting some plants in them they will compliment each other. Every project has a full tutorial that you can easily follow, so that problem is gone.


1. Salad Planter



A great planter if you are into growing your own foods. A salad is a great plant that everybody should grow. And you can grow it in this beautiful planter that will make your patio, garden or even indoors look more beautiful.


2. DIY Hanging Planter



A hanging planter that is made out of wood and ropes. This is perfect if you’d like to add something to your empty walls and make them look greener. A truly beautiful but yet this planter is so simple to make.


3. 20$ Vertical DIY Planter



Want to add a plant or two to your patio? Well, this vertical wooden planter might be a great way how to do it. This is a great planter to plant some big plants. So it is good if you are willing to give some space to some plants.

4. DIY Cedar Planter Box



Make your home doorstep more beautiful with adding a plant to it. Also, it is a clever way how to display your house number.


5. DIY Hose Hiding Planter


You have a hose in your garden and it is just lying around? Well, you can hide it away with this clever planter. Check out this tutorial to learn how to make it.


6. Easy Window DIY Planters



It is a tutorial for people that like and would like to have some planters on their windows. They have a classic look and it is quite easy to make. Also, besides having a tutorial on how to make these planters, there is also a tutorial that teaches how to hang window boxes.

7. DIY Raised Planter Box



A DIY raised planter box for your garden. Because it is raised, it is perfect if you need some storage space where you could store some things what are plant related.


8. DIY Modern Planter Box


A beautiful modern planter that what is great if you like those kinds of styles. It will definitely pop out from your living room and will make it look more amazing. A truly beautiful centerpiece.


9. Raised Garden Planter


A superb raised planter if you want to grow your own food. You can fit quite a lot of different plants into this planter.

10. DIY Planter Box


It is a super easy DIY planter. If you just want something simple that is easy to make and is easy to eyes, then this is definitely a way to go.


11. Indoor Herb Garden




You have some herbs that you are right now growing indoors, or you would like to start growing some herbs? Well, if it is a case, then with this amazing countertop DIY herb garden you can.


12. Vertical Planter


It is an amazing planter that you can make out of a pallet. It is cheap and easy to make, but it also has a lot of room where you can grow and plant your plants. Check out the step by step guide.

13. DIY Wall Planter



A DIY wall planter where you can grow all your herbs or some plants that you like to make your indoors cozier. Give those empty walls a new life and make this amazing planter.


14. DIY Wooden Wall Planter



Another wall planter that is not so big as the previous one, but it also looks good. A beautiful planter that you can use to make your walls more beautiful.


15. Repurposed DIY Wall Planter



Got some wood that you do not know what to do with? Well, if it is a case, then you can use it to build a planter. Check out the tutorial and learn how!

16. Easy Elevated Planter Box



An easily elevated planter where you can grow strawberries or something else that you would like. A perfect planter for someone that is looking for something easy to make and something where you can grow more than one plant.


17. DIY Barn Wood Planter



Those barn styled planters are great if you are into rustic barn looks. They will definitely make your home look more alive and give a space where to grow some plants.


18. DIY Privacy Planter



Those planters are perfect if you’d like to add some privacy to your garden, but do not want to just want to add some ugly wall. Give yourself some privacy while making your garden greener.

19. DIY Ladder Planter



A great DIY ladder planter. A perfect planter how to add some greenery to your doorstep. Check out the tutorial to learn how to make this DIY ladder planter.


20. DIY Tin Can Planters



This really is a unique DIY planter that is made out of a tin. Well, as it is made out of a tin, it does not need a lot of effort to make. Just a bit of time and fantasy to make it look pretty. As it is a quite straightforward DIY planter, you can check out the tutorial to see how this exact one was made.


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