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20 DIY Decor Items For Rustic Design Fans – Tutorials

This post is meant for people that are into rustic design and they would love to have some decorative items in their home also. This kind of design has been with us for a long time and as it uses natural materials, it is quite nature close and makes your home feel cozier. A rustic design is all about warm wood tones and textural neutrals. This kind of home decorations are only growing bigger and getting popular and to be honest, we can understand what is the fuzz all about, they just look amazing.

We have gathered around 20 rustic decorative items that anyone can do. We have chosen the favorites that we think are one of the best tutorials and rustic decorative items that one can make by him/herself. Every tutorial that we have on our website, has a full tutorial that includes pictures and all the instructions that you need to fully complete the project. The reason for that is that you would not have an excuse why you can not make a wonderful decor piece for yourself. So, get browsing and get building! Please leave a comment below stating the favorite piece of yours.

1. Wooden Mail Sorter



If you are getting a quite a lot of mail, then a good mail sorter might be a nice treat for yourself and your home. Its rustic design will go great with your already having rustic designs and also will give some extra storage room where you can store all your essential keys.


2. DIY Lanterns



A patio lighting that will make your nights cozier. It is a quite simple DIY project and it makes you this wonderful lighting. Also, you can add this light anywhere you’d like, you do not have to just make it for your patio.

3. Wine Rack



Something for wine lovers. A rustic wine rack that is made out of wood and some bolts that give this rack a unique rustic look.


4. DIY Wall Decoration



It is a great project if you are not really sure what to do with those empty walls you have in your home. Doing something simple like this wall decoration will look amazing, that I can promise for your. And maybe this is the thing that will make those empty walls come to live again.

5. DIY Window Trim



A DIY project for turning those boring and ugly windows into something beautiful. A little design detail that will make your home more complete than before. A project that you should really consider making.


6. DIY Storage From Jars



There are a lot of things that you can make out of mason jars and if you are also a fan of those mason jar projects, then this might be something for you also. This simple DIY will show you how to make storage room from mason jars that look rustic and beautiful.

7. Decorative Hooks



This is something really unique but beautiful. It is a decorative item, but also has a practical value, it truly is 2 in 1. Those hooks will look amazing in your hallway and it is a great place where you can hang your outdoor clothes.


8. Ladder Storage



This ladder storage piece looks amazing. A great project to do, it is simple, it is amazingly beautiful and will have a practical value in your home. A must do when you need some storage room.

9. DIY Curtain Rods



If you do not want to do something big, but still would like to add some rustic details into your home, you can make something as small as DIY curtain rods. Maybe this is a project where you can start your DIY rustic journey.


10. Pantry Organizers



Have a pantry and you do not really have figured out how to organize and store your things in there? Well, maybe this DIY project will help you to do that.

11. DIY Corbel Lights



Another light project, but this one is a bit harder to do. But not hard enough to not consider to do that. An amazing and beautiful DIY lamp that will look amazing in your bedroom.


12. DIY Dog Bed



A nice project where you can make something for your favorite animal. This rustic dog bed that has a label on to state the ownership looks amazing. And the best part is, your dog will love it even more than you.

13. Twine Wrapped Cabinet Handles



This might be the simplest project on our list. This is something for people that do not like their cabinet handles and would like to do something with them. Maybe this DIY project will give you some ideas.


14. DIY Welcome Sign



Another simple DIY project. With this, you will get a welcome sign that you can put right just right behind your door to welcome your quests.

15. DIY Wooden Box



A simple but beautiful wooden box where you can store or grow some plants in. There are a lot of things that you can do with that wooden box, but the one thing is certain, it looks amazing and will make your home look more amazing.


16. DIY Rustic TV Console



Need a TV stand but do not want to buy one or you are not able to find a one that suits you? Then, the most logical thing to do is to make it by yourself. Take a look at this DIY project and see how this rustic TV stand was made.

17. DIY Wooden Rustic Lanterns



Another DIY project that is great for the outdoors. If you want to make your outdoors cozier and you just feel there is something missing, then you can always add some beautiful decorative items into your garden.


18. DIY Industrial Pendant Lights



Another light project. This pendant light is perfect for your dining room. A really nice DIY light project. Take a look at the tutorial that will teach you how to make it.

19. DIY Hanging Lights



More light projects for you. Turn something cheap into something beautiful and unique. It has a nice touch with the mason jars.


20. Outdoor Wooden Chandelier



Light up your outdoors with this amazing rustic outdoor chandelier. I have to say, this chandelier looks quite amazing. And if your outdoors are missing something, then this might solve your problem. Take a look at the tutorial and see how it is made.


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