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20 Easy But Gorgeous DIY Curtains That Anyone Can Make – Tutorials

Every home has windows and I am quite certain that you have or you had curtains for your windows. Probably you are looking to get some new curtains for your windows. When going shopping and searching around for some nice curtains that look good and are quality made, then you will probably come back with a lot thinner wallet than expected. But we do think that curtains, that are quite easy to make and anyone can easily create a pair of beautiful looking curtains. A one just needs some inspiration and some guidance.

For that exact reason, we have gathered 20 different curtains that are equally awesome and beautiful. And as said before, for guidance, every curtain DIY have a full tutorial that includes pictures and straight-forward instructions on how to make them. Please, check out our list below, get inspired, open the tutorial, go to the shop to get some materials and then start making some curtains, you will not regret. So, let’s go!

1. DIY Macrame Curtain



A nice macrame curtain that requires a bit of effort from you, but for the effort, you will get something beautiful. It is a nice piece if you’d like to separate a room from another, but do not want to add a wall or a door.


2. No-Sew Drop Cloth Curtains



An easy and inexpensive curtain that you can make by yourself. A simple curtain that will look good in your home. It is a guarantee to go right with this one.

3. Wood Curtain Rods



This DIY project is not a curtain itself, but it will teach you how to make curtain rods for cheap. And by cheap, I mean dirt cheap, all this will cost you about 10 dollars. Amazing.


4. Super Easy Drop Cloth Window Treatments



Another super easy curtains that you can make by yourself. These ones are drop-down ones and they are bit longer than other curtains. Beautiful curtains.

5. DIY Gold Painter Curtains



A bit different curtains, but they look amazing. Those curtains are painted gold and they will fit great for your room if you have something pink in it, also they will fit good with white.


6. DIY Farmhouse Styled Curtains



This one is for farmhouse style fans. If your home is in farmhouse style and you’d like to have curtains that will fit good with it, then this one is the right one that will definitely fit with it.

7. DIY Ruffled Curtains



A bit more sophisticated curtains that are ruffled. It is great if you’d like to have something more complex and you are not looking for that all minimalist look.


8. DIY Easy Tab Curtains



A tab curtains that are easy to make. They look minimalist and are great for that reason if you’d like to have minimalist styled curtains and do not want anything that will be a centerpiece of your home.

9. DIY Curtain Rods From Rope



This is definitely a bit different way how to have your curtains installed, but it looks amazing and makes your home look more unique. This DIY will teach you how to use ropes as curtain rods instead of wood.


10. Outdoor Curtains



Want to add curtains to your outdoor patio? Well, if it is the case, check out this tutorial and it will teach you how to make these amazing curtains.

11. DIY Easy Livingroom Curtains



Easy to make DIY curtains that look amazing. They truly are beautiful and it will be a first thing that you will notice when entering the room. A nice curtains if you’d like to have something that will be something special for your home.


12. DIY Antler Curtain Tie Backs



Also, something different. This tutorial will not teach you how to make curtains, but it will teach you how to make antler that you can use to hold your curtains when you’d like to have some more light in your home.

13. How To Make Curtains Longer



Also, this tutorial will not teach you how to make curtains, it will teach you how to make your existing curtains longer than they are right now. A perfect project if your curtains are not in that measurements that you’d like to have.


15. DIY Blackout Curtains



Those curtains are perfect if you’d like to have curtains that will block all light coming from outdoors. So, they are perfect for bedrooms. It will block out all the light so you can sleep in peace. Also, they look quite amazing.

16. Drop Cloth Curtain DIY



Curtains that are made out of drop cloth. Simple DIY curtain project that will fit into any home that is looking for simplicity.


17. DIY Curtains Out Of Twin Sheets



Want to make new curtains but you are not the best friends with a sewing machine? Well, no worries, this DIY project is just for you. It will teach you how to make curtains out of twin sheets that do not require any sewing.

18. DIY No-Sew Curtain Panels



Another DIY curtain project that does not require any sewing. Simple to do and they are not expensive, although they do not look cheap.


19. DIY Burlap Curtains



You like burlap and would like to make out of them? Well, you can also make curtains out of burlap and it is not hard to do also. It will give a lot of rustic look to your room, so it is perfect if you are a fan of it.

20. Easy No Sew Window Panels



To end this list, we have another DIY curtain that does not require any sewing at all. Take a look at the tutorial and it will show exactly how to make curtains without sewing. So, no excuses why you can not make curtains by yourself.


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