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20 DIY Easy But Amazing Lamps To Light Your Home – Tutorial

Lights are something that we can not live without and it is the most practical and used furniture item that we use every day. Also, it can be and it should be a centerpiece of your room. Usually, people do not put a lot of effort into choosing a lamp that fits with their home design. When renovating or fixing up your home, you should also think about upgrading and updating your lamps to fit with your current design. Also, it is a great way to refresh your home in an easy way.

Getting a new lamp, or even better, making a new lamp for your home, that looks amazing and will refresh your home look, can go a really long way. One lamp can and will make a huge change in a room. And for those reasons, we have made a list, that contains 20 different lamps that are easy to make and look just amazing. Check out the list below, and make yourself a new lamp. Please, leave a comment below to let us know what kind of lamp you decided to make. Happy building and here we go!

1. DIY Industrial Farmhouse Lamps



Beautiful industrial design lamps that are perfect for your bed headboard. They are a good solution that will make your bedroom look better and you will get a couple of nice reading lamps.


2. DIY Copper Pipe Lights



A really unique DIY lamp that looks modern. It looks quite complicated, but it is quite easy to make. An amazing DIY lamp for a home that is into modern designs and looks.

3. Lights In Jars



A fan of mason jars or just love the looks of them? Well, if it is the case, then this DIY project is meant for you. Check out the tutorial and learn how to make those amazing mason jar lamps by yourself. The tutorial has everything that you need for that.


4. DIY String Chandelier



Want to make something unique that will pop out? This chandelier that is made out of strings will definitely do that. And when you say that you made it all by yourself, well, nobody will believe you.

5. DIY Industrial Pendant Lamp



A nice pendant DIY lamp that is perfect for lighting up the dining room and it will fit perfectly over your dining table. When making it, you can paint it the color that your dining table is and it will look amazing.


6. DIY Crystal Chandelier



A crystal chandelier that you can make yourself. If you are into the expensive looks but do not want to spend a lot of money on a lamp, then the solution is to make it by yourself. Take a look at the tutorial to learn how.

7. DIY Wall Scone Light



Another great lamp that is perfect for bed headboards. If you are in the need of reading lamps and want to make your room look more beautiful by adding something that looks good, then this DIY project is just for you.


8. DIY Chicken Wire Light Fixture



There are a lot of things that people are doing from chicken wire and most of those project look amazing. Also, this DIY project is no exception. This DIY lamp that is made out of chicken wire, looks amazing.

9.  DIY Quadripod Lamp



A nice rustic looking lamp that has four legs. It is completely made out of wood and it looks and feels expensive. When making this kind of lamp, you have to be ready to spend about 20 dollars. So, a super cheap lamp that will look not so cheap.


10. Pallet Light Box



A fan of pallets or just have some lying around? Either way, this DIY project looks amazing. Those rustic looks are amazing and they just make your home feel and look more home. Just remember, beauty lies in small details.

11. DIY Cable Lamp



A simple DIY lamp that is made out of little wood and from a lot of cables. A cheap and easy to make a lamp that will look unique and amazing in your room when it is done right. Just remember to use LED lamps when building those kinds of lamps.


12. Wood Wall Scones



A simple DIY project that will transform your boring wall lights into something beautiful and interesting. It is a time to give your lights a nice little home that makes your walls pop out again. Simple things are the most beautiful things.

13. Inexpensive DIY Orb Chandelier



Another DIY project that doesn’t require a lot of money from you. Well, that is the point of making things by yourself, right? An interesting lamp that has modern looks.


14. DIY Copper Pipe Light




Another lamp that uses copper pipes. Those copper pipes have a nice color and they look quite good. When made right, they will look amazing and trust me, your quest will notice those amazing lamps. I have made a couple of those.

15. DIY Light From A Vanity Light



Another DIY project that is worth considering if you are looking for a lamp to light up your dining room. A simple DIY lamp that uses mason jars and a bit of wood. Take a look at the tutorial, it has everything that you need.


16. DIY Flower Chandelier



This is something for girls. A quite nice lamp that will be a centerpiece of the room. A perfect DIY if you want to make or need a lamp for your daughter’s room. Trust me, she will love it and you will also love it.

17. DIY Plug In Wall Scone



Headboard lamps that are made out of wall scones. Yes, they look a bit different but they do work. There just is something right in them. But remember, you have to have a right bed to make that kind of look work.


18. Cheap And Easy Cage Light



Another cage light that is easy to make. Those cage lights look amazing and they also look quite expensive. Those kinds of lights is the reason why DIY project is so great. You are not able to get those kinds of things from stores that cheap.

19. DIY Wall Scone Light



Want to add a new wall light? Well, you might want to consider this wall scone light. Take a look at the tutorial to see how this nice wall scone lamp was made.


20. DIY Cork Light Holder



To end this list, we have a little fun project for you. A lamp that is made out of cork, a material that is friendly to nature and looks really unique. The tutorial itself is in German, so it might be a bit hard for you to understand, but luckily this project is quite straightforward and it includes quite a lot of pictures that you can follow.


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