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20 Beautiful DIY Decor That Is Easy To Do – Tutorials

20 beautiful and also easy to make DIY decor items. A perfect list for people that want to decorate their home without spending a lot of money. If you are willing to spend some time and have an opportunity to make something by yourself, then you should use it. With this, you can make something unique and beautiful without spending a lot of money.

Cheap DIY projects are a perfect solution if you want to spend less money on your home decoration. For example, if you live in a rented apartment and you do not want to invest a lot of money on somebody’s other apartment. In this situation, DIY’s which cost less money are the lifesavers.

Black And Wood Wall Clock



This clock suits perfectly in the room which has plenty of colors but you are looking some clean and simple look in the room.

Copper Curtain Rods



Copper curtain rods give the room chic final finish. Also making these rods is super easy for everybody and the main, making these nice rods won’t cost you more than 20 dollars.


DIY Modern Napkin Holder



This modern napkin holder looks so chic and it is so simple to make. Also, this asymmetrical design adds some fair to the table.

DIY Leather Wrapped Vase



These vases look simple but give a lot of character into a room. Natural light tones are quite a popular in this year decoration world also.


DIY Easy Terrarium Lamp



This is definitely something different and unique that you can use if you are looking for something to decorate your home. A terrarium lamp that looks interesting and is also quite easy to make.


Old Cutting Board Into A Rustic Mail Organiser



Do you have an old cutting board that is not quite suitable anymore or you bought a new cutting board? If so, then you should not definitely throw it away. You can use it to make new things out of it and this DIY mail organizer is one awesome thing that you can make.

DIY Leather Tab Curtains



Every home has curtains and they are one of the biggest elements that make up our rooms decoration. So, the details on the curtains are more important than one would think. Spice up your curtains with this DIY leather tab curtains.


DIY  Rustic Chalkboard Frame With Shims



The chalkboard that you hang is a design element and it also holds practical value. You can write notes on it or you can just use it to draw something beautiful on it and hang it somewhere where it sits best.


DIY Mini Plant Stands



This is a modern planter. A minimalistic look that looks fantastic, if you are also one of those persons that just loves the simple design and respects that, then you should definitely check out this tutorial.


DIY Leather Clothes Ladder



Spice up your room with this leather clothes ladder. As you can get some storage space, you will also gain a beautiful decorative item. Another example of how simple things are just amazing.


DIY Modern Bathroom Organizer With Mirror



This bathroom organizer will help you to keep stuff in the order but looks good as well! To make it, you just need some wood and leather.


DIY Stump Stools



Do you like having different interior elements in your home? This stump stool is something to think of. A perfect addition to your bedroom, your phone will be delighted to rest on it when you sleep.

DIY Modern Pom Pom Pillow



Decoration pillows give cool look in your sofa and why not add some chic look with this simple but elegant pillow. Check out how to make this interesting pillow.


DIY Toilet Paper Holder



Usually, these kinds of stuff do not look very nice but this one definitely does. Perfect fit in your home if you love wooden elements. It will certainly pop out from your bathroom. Super easy DIY with huge decore value.


DIY Hanging Half Frame


Tropical plants are a big hit right now and that’s for a reason – they sure look cool and gives some spice to the room.

DIY Beauty Dock



Perfect helper to organize your beauty stuff. All you need to make this is a block of wood and a mirror. You can use a circle or square mirror, your choice.


Pyramid Wall Hanging Planter



These planters are perfect for brushing empty and dull walls. Also, they give you the opportunity to add some natural plants to your home.


Peony And Eucalyptus Hoop Wreath



This wreath adds a natural touch to your home decoration and makes the room cozier. A modern reach in how to plant some plants to your home.

DIY Rose Floral Wall Hanging



This wall hanger gives a little feminine touch to the room. If you are looking some ideas for adding a chic and romantic flute to the room – this DIY is something to consider to make.


DIY Assemble A Hexagon Dining Table



This table is simply looking and has a cool shape. It surely works as a cool interior element in your dining room. No more dinners with an ordinary shaped table!

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