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20 Wine Rack DIY Wood Projects – Tutorial

If you are a wine lover and you respect a good wine, then you have probably thought about making your home a DIY wine rack. With the DIY wine rack, you can store your favorite wines and also, it will be a nice design element for your home. So, you will get to store some of the favorite wines and also make your home look and feel cozier. What else would you like?

You can make wine racks from all kinds of materials, but in our opinion, a nice wine rack should be built from some wood. There are a lot of different wine racks that you can choose from and it might make you feel dizzy. But we have gathered around some of our favorite DIY wine racks that are made out of wood. Every DIY wine rack that we have on our site, has a full tutorial that includes pictures and instructions on how to make one from the scratch.


Wood Plank Wine Rack



A wine rack that is minimalistic and quite easy to make. If you’d like to make a DIY wine rack and you do not want anything difficult, then this is for you.


6 Bottle Wine Rack



A really nice way how to display your favorite wines. The simplest things are sometimes the prettiest things.


DIY Rustic Wine Rack



Fan of rustic design? If it is the case, then this rustic wine rack might be just for you. A simple but beautiful DIY wine rack to make.


Copper Pipe And Leather Wine Rack



This wine rack is a little bit different than other wine racks. It is made out of copper and has a modern look.


Wall Mounted Wine Bar



Got a free space on your wall and you would like to fill it up with something? You can make a DIY wine rack that fits perfectly to a wall.


DIY Mini Wine Rack



If you do not have a lot of space, but yet would love to have a DIY wine rack, then this DIY project is for you. With this simple and compact wine rack, you can display and store your favorite wines.


Wood Crate Wine Rack



Something bit more classical than previous DIY wine racks. If you are a fan of rustic and classic designs, then this DIY wine rack project is worth the check.


Reclaimed Wood Console Table With Wine Bar



This is a really nice wine rack and if you do not want anything that is ordinary, then this is perfect for you. Check out the tutorial to learn how to make this DIY wine rack.


Wood Riddling Wine Rack



A simple but yet unique wine rack that will look amazing. it is a perfect one if you have wines that you like and would love to store them for later enjoying.


Reclaimed Wooden Wine Rack



Got some wood over and do not know what to do with it? We can say one for sure, do not throw or burn it away. You can make a lot of great things out of recycled wood. This DIY wine rack is one of those examples.


Natural Wood Wine Rack



A wooden DIY wine rack that has natural look. It is made out of wood that has been formed by nature for years. Go out to nature and you will find a nice piece of wood that you can use to make something awesome out of.


Leather And Wood Wine Rack



DIY wine rack that uses leather and wood. It is a nice simple DIY wine rack that has a unique design. A perfect for people that are seeking for simplicity.


Natural Looking Wine Rack



A nice wooden wine holder that has a unique touch to it. Simple to make DIY wine holder, but yet looks amazing.


Wall Wine Holder



Like the modern design? This wine holder that is made out of a wooden block, looks modern and has a really nice design.


Funky Wine Rack



Do not want a wine holder to make out of wood? If it is the case, then this wine holder that is made out of old broken vinyl. Add some funk to your living room.


Wine Bottle And Stemware Rack



A wine holder that is not just for wine. This wooden wine holder will hold your wine and also glasses. A nice 1 in 2 solution for wine lovers.


Unique Wine Rack DIY



If you like different things and want to have things that have unique look, then this wine holder definitely will do it. A cheap and easy way to transfer your plain wall into wine holder.


Ladder Wine Rack



Do you have a lot of wine that you need to store somewhere? Well, this DIY wine holder will definitely have some serious storage space where to store all the wine you have.


Rustic Wine Rack



Something for rustic DIY fans. This wine holder is made out of a couple of wooden blocks and that is pretty much all you need to make it.


Fun Wine Rack DIY



If you do not want to install something on your wall and you do not need a lot of space where to store your wines. Then this DIY wine holder will do the job.


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