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20 DIY Pretty Bookshelves To Decorate Your Home – Tutorials

Are you a fan of books and you own a lot of them? If so, you have probably had a problem with books that you do not know what to do with. You do not want to throw them away and you should not and you do not want to give them away. Well, you will never know when would you like to open up that awesome book that you read while ago. And for that, you need a place or two where you could store all your books safely and also the way that you will make your home look better.

And for that exact reason, we have gathered around 20 awesome easy to do bookshelves that are pretty and amazing. Every tutorial that we have on our list have a full tutorial with pictures and steps that one needs to make a DIY bookshelf from scratch. So, scroll down, check out the list, choose the one you like the most and start building.


Wooden Pallet Bookshelf



An easy bookshelf that is made completely out of pallets. It is easy to make and it will cost almost nothing as if you know where to ask for pallets, you could get them for free.


DIY Crate Bookcase



A bookcase that is made out of crates. A simple but yet quite nice design. Build some crates and make a bookcase out of them, a quite clever way to build a DIY bookcase.


DIY Ladder Bookshelves



DIY ladder bookshelf that has a modern design. Those ladder designs are everywhere these days and to be honest, they are quite nice and will fit almost to every home.


Pin – Up Paperbacks Shelf



It is a clever way how to store your books. A simple but yet so beautiful. All you need is some wood and some cord to make this wonderful bookshelf.


DIY Mounted Shelving Unit



If you have a bit more wall space and you own a lot of books, then this bookshelf might be the one that you would like to make. This DIY bookshelf will store all the books that you own, I promise.


Dynamic DIY Ironbound Bookcase



A bookcase that is made out of some wood and some iron. It looks simple and it looks modern. A really nice add-on for a home that already has some modern design elements. Check out the tutorial to learn how to make this DIY wooden bookcase.


Vintage DIY Pallet Bookshelf



Fan of the vintage looks? This bookcase is made completely out of wood and is made to look old. A rustic bookcase that will satisfy every rustic design fans.


DIY Toscana Bookshelf



This is Toscana bookshelf will look amazing once you complete it. If you want more than just space where to store all your books, then you should check it out.


Tree Bookshelf DIY



This bookshelf truly is something different than other bookshelves. This bookshelf has a nice unique design. It looks like a tree and it will store quite a lot of books. If you like it, you should check out the tutorial to learn how it is made.


DIY Industrial Cart Bookcase



Another rustic bookcase that is perfect for every rustic design fan. It looks nice and it will make your home look more natural.


DIY Modern Rustic Bookshelf



Modern furniture is more popular than ever. As modernism looks quite fascinating and it will make your home look more unique, it is a nice design element for your home.


DIY Midcentury Modern Bookshelf



This is a bookshelf that is inspired by the midcentury bookshelf and it is made modern. A quite nice one if you ask us, it is perfect for a person that does not own a lot of books and do not get a lot of space to waste on a DIY bookshelf.


DIY Modern Bookshelf



This is another modern bookshelf and quite similar to the last one, it has some unique elements and is made a bit different than other. If you like both of them, you should check out the tutorial and choose the one that seems easier for you to make.


DIY Bookcase With Angled Shelves




This bookshelf definitely is inspired from Scandinavia. A perfect DIY bookshelf if you want to add some spice to your home and it will definitely add some coziness also.


Simple Little DIY Bookshelf



It is simple to make, it looks quite simple and it does what it is meant to be. If you do not want anything special and want something simple, then this bookshelf is worth checking out.


DIY Kentwood Bookcase



A rustic bookcase that is perfect for a home that already has some farmhouse furniture. Also, as it has some natural tones, it will probably fit any home and it will definitely add some coziness.


Heavy Duty Bookshelf



Are your books heavy or you just like bulky looks? Well, either way, this bookshelf looks beautiful. It is simple to make and it looks amazing when made correctly, you will definitely not regret when you decide to make it.


DIY Library Shelving



This definitely is for people that own a lot of books. If you have some spare room and want to turn it into a small library, then you should check out this DIY tutorial and see how to make it.


DIY Nook Book Shelves And Benchtop



This bookshelf might be the easiest one to make, but also this will require your home to have space where you could make it. If you happen to have that kind of space, you might want to check it out.


DIY Leaning Bookshelf



This DIY leaning bookshelf is a nice little bookshelf but you can also use it for storing other things also. Check out how it is made and maybe you want to make this DIY bookshelf. We truly love this bookshelf and we have decided to make one for us too.


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