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20 Easy & Amazing DIY TV Stands That Anyone Can Make – Tutorials

Are you remodeling your living room or you just have bought a new TV? Well, if one of those two is the case, then you might or should think about building your home a new DIY TV stand.

Pretty much every home nowadays has a TV in their home and TV needs a stand. A really nice way how to get a new TV stand is by making yourself a DIY TV stand. For that reason, we have gathered around 20 different TV stands there are easy to make and they look amazing. Check out the list and find your new TV stand.


Reclaimed Wood & Black Pipe TV Stand



A TV stand that is made out of wood and out of some pipes. If you’d like to have an industrial look, then this TV stand is perfect for that. Take a look at the tutorial to learn how to make it.


DIY X – Leg TV Stand



This TV stand with X-leg looks quite nice. A simple but yet has some classic design elements. You will definitely add some class to your living room with this amazing DIY TV stand.


DIY Cinder Block TV Stand



You can make yourself a TV table super easy, you do not have to spend a few days just building something, This DIY TV table uses cinderblocks and some wood. Check it out how it is made.


TV Stand & Faux Fire Place From Recycled Pallets



This is a bit different TV stand. A different approach when making it. It has a rustic look and it is made completely out of wood. Also, you can make it out of recycled wood, so it is quite cheap.


DIY Media Console



Another DIY TV stand that has rustic look. With this media console, you will get a place where to put your TV and a lot of storage space.


DIY Rustic TV Console



The rustic TV stand that is made out of wood. It is simple, has classic look and is super sturdy. This TV stand will last you forever.


DIY Farmhouse TV Stand



Another farmhouse DIY TV stand that is a bit more complex to make and will require a bit more effort from you.


DIY Farmhouse Media Cabinet



A cabinet that is perfect for a home that goes perfectly with farmhouse looks. A nice farmhouse media cabinet that also has a bit of industrial looks.


DIY Wooden Tv Stand



Another TV stand that is easy to make and it looks good. A perfect solution if you do not want anything special and want to save some money,


DIY Easy Rustic Tv Console Table



Rustic TV table that has a simple design, it is made out of wood and looks super nice. Take a look at the tutorial to learn how to make it.


DIY Floating Sideboard



A bit more modern solution. The good thing about this TV stand is that it is super easy to clean a floor beneath it.


Industrial Console Table



One of our favorite console tables from this list, it has industrial design and it is simple. Easy to make and has enough space where you can put all your necessary things.


Repurpose Door Tv Console



This is another way how to make something new from something old. This DIY TV stand is made out of an old door. The clever way how to use up old things.


DIY Pallet TV Stand



Pallets are one of the most popular things that you can use when doing DIY projects. This elegant and simple DIY TV stand is perfect if you do not have a lot of space in your home.


Industrial Rustic And Modern Tv Stand



Industrial look that is mixed with modern design. To be completely honest, this DIY TV stand looks quite nice and it is easy to make.


Retro Pallet TV Stand With Mini Drawers



Love the old looks? This retro TV stand that is made out of pallets looks quite unique. It has a couple of mini drawers that will be a useful extra.


DIY Diagonal Base Farmhouse Console Table



With this farmhouse DIY TV stand, your living room will look a lot nicer. To make it, you need some wood. To learn how to make it, check out the tutorial.


DIY Barn Door Media Console



Media console that is inspired by barn doors. A nice little media console that is perfect for a bedroom.


Rustic Media Console Table



Yes, rustic design is quite popular these days and if you would also like to make and have something rustic, then you might want to start by making this amazing TV stand.


DIY Industrial Media Console Table




Rustic design is popular but the industrial design is as same as popular. They both look amazing and they go quite nicely together. Check out this DIY TV stand tutorial and see how it is made.


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