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20 DIY Easy Office Desks To Transfer Your Home To Workplace – Tutorials

Are you working a lot from home but you do not have a steady place where to work? Or you just want to make yourself a new table and workspace, then this post is meant for you. When working from home, it is important to have a good place where you can do all the work that you need to do.

And for that exact reason, we have gathered 20 different DIY office tables that has one or two that you would love to have and make. We also made a table that is on this list and we love it. Check out the list and make yourself a new DIY office table to have a nice place where you can work and study. Leave a comment if you decided to make one and let us know what kind of DIY office table you decided to make.


DIY Piping Table



An easy to do table that has an industrial look. To make it, you need some wood and some pipes. It is a simple but beautiful table that is perfect for an office.


DIY Live Edge Wood Desk



If you want to have a table that is steadily in one place and you know that you are not gonna move it anytime soon, then this table is worth to check out.


DIY Farmhouse Desk



This is a farmhouse style desk that is perfect for a home that already has some rustic looks. It is completely made out of wood and it is quite easy to make, check out the tutorial to learn how.


DIY Butcher Block Desk



Another easy to do desk that looks amazing. With this butcher block desk, you will have a nice table that has a wooden top. You will make this awesome DIY office table in one day.


DIY Mid-Century Modern Desk



This DIY office table has some classic looks and is a really nice table and also a design element for your home.


DIY Barstool Desk



This barstool is made out of wood and has rustic look. As this table is not made out of one piece, you might want to think about getting a tabletop for that DIY office table.


DIY L-Shaped Double X Desk



L-shaped desks are perfect DIY office tables. They have a lot of space and they are comfortable to work on. If you need a bit more space or you just love to have more, then this DIY office desk is worth checking out.


DIY Craftroom Office Desk



A DIY office desk that also has some storage space. It is not the biggest table that you can make, but it is enough if all you need is a space for your laptop and a storage space where to store your documents or other things.


Reclaimed Wood Desk DIY



This reclaimed DIY office table is perfect if you do not have a lot of space and you only need a space for your laptop. As it does not have a lot of space, it is still quite a nice table.


DIY Farmhouse X Office Desk



DIY farmhouse table that has X-design on the sides. It looks good and has a classic look. It is definitely worth the checking out and is pretty solid DIY office table that you could make for yourself.


DIY Writing Desk



If you want something more complex to make and you have more time. Only then you should consider making this table as it might take you a bit of time to complete.


DIY Corner Desk



Another DIY office corner table that will offer a lot of space. This DIY office table is a bit bulky, but if you like it, then this table will last you forever.


DIY Concrete Desk



This table is something different and a bit more modern than other tables that we have on our list. It is made out of concrete and some wood. It is a beautiful table and you have to take into consideration that it might weight heavy.


DIY Workbench Inspired Desk



This DIY office table is inspired from a workbench. If you like to have something a bit more rustic, then this DIY table will offer it to you. A quite minimalist and simple DIY office table that will look awesome.


DIY Standing Desk



Also, we have a standing table for you. As those standing tables are getting more popular and they are making your health a favor as sitting down the whole day might not be the healthiest thing to do.


DIY Plywood Desk



You do not want to spend a lot of money? If so, then this DIY office table is just for you, as plywood is not an expensive wood, you can make this DIY office table quite cheap. Check out how!


Modern Desk DIY



Another modern table that has a minimalist look. Offers a lot of storage space, is easy to the eyes and you will have a lot of working space. Just make sure that you have enough space where to put it as it is quite huge.


DIY Industrial Farmhouse Desk



Fan of farmhouse looks? This DIY office table is all about farmhouse looks. A nice office table that can offer working space for up to 2 persons. Check it out!

DIY Simple Wall Desk



DIY office desk that is installed straight to the wall. Simple to make looks good and you can make it as big or small as you would love it.


DIY Floating Desk For Office Towers



This is perfect if you do not need a lot of working space, just for your computer. But you would need a lot of storage space where you can store all your documents and things. This DIY office table will offer it for you, check out the tutorial that will teach you how to make it.


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