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20 Super Easy Rustic DIY Shelves To Add Storage Space – Tutorials

This list is meant for people that are in the need of some storage space and they would like to add some of it to their home. If you have some empty walls and you do not know what to do with them, then the right thing might be to add shelves to it. There are a lot of different shelves that one can choose from and they come in every size, small to big. Every shelf in this list has rustic design and it is perfect for a home that already has some rustic design or you would like to have some rustic elements in your home.

And for that exact reason, we have gathered 20 different rustic DIY shelves that look amazing and are super easy to make. We guarantee that you will find a rustic DIY shelf from this list that you would like to make. So, scroll down and check the list out and you will find a shelf that you would like to make.


DIY Pipe Shelves



A rustic shelf that has a simple design. It is made out of wood and it uses some pipes to hold it. Simple and beautiful DIY rustic shelf if you do not have a lot of wall space to give up.


DIY Faux Floating Shelves



Floating rustic shelf that is simple to make and looks amazing. If you want to have a bit more storage space, then this DIY shelf will provide it.


Super Easy DIY Rustic Shelving



This super easy to make DIY rustic shelf is perfect if you want a simple shelf that is easy to do and will look great.


DIY Floating Rustic Shelves



Another floating shelf that is completely made out of wood. If you like a bit bulky design, then this DIY rustic shelf is for you.


DIY Rustic Pantry Shelves



Do you have a pantry and you would like to transform it? If it is the case, you might want to check out this tutorial and see how to transform a pantry.


DIY Rustic Wood Shelves



Well, this shelf truly is rustic. It has a simple design and it will not require a lot of effort. Nice DIY rustic shelf.


Anthor Inspired DIY Copper Shelves



A rustic shelf that is completely made out of copper. If you would like to have something different, then this rustic DIY shelf definitely is.


DIY Pegboard



Rustic DIY pegboard. If you have a bit more wall space then you should definitely check out this DIY rustic shelf. It has a lot of storage space and it will transform your dull wall into something beautiful.


Easy And Cheap Rustic Shelves



One of the best DIY rustic shelves that one can make. A DIY shelf that is easy to make and looks amazing, is everything that a DIY shelf needs to be. Check it out, it is worth it.


DIY Reclaimed Rustic Shelves



Do you have some wood that you do not know what to do with? Then you can turn it into a DIY rustic shelf that will make your home more beautiful.


DIY Rustic Farmhouse Shelf



This farmhouse shelf is something else. It has a unique design and it will definitely pop out of your room. Unique and beautiful. Check out the tutorial to learn how to make it.


DIY Rustic Shelf Tower



This is not per say a shelf that you will install to a wall. This DIY rustic shelf is meant for people that like to have one in their garage. It is perfect DIY rustic shelf to store all your things.


DIY Laundry Shelving



Is your laundry room looking a bit empty or you do not have a steady place where to store your things in the laundry room? Well, if it is the case, you should check out this tutorial!


DIY Rustic Hanging Shelves



A rustic DIY shelf that uses rope. A quite perfect shelf to add to your bathroom. It will definitely make your room come together.


DIY Rope Shelf



Another DIY rustic rope shelf. It has a bit more storage space, but it is still as simple to make as a previous one. A nice shelf for a living room.


DIY Floating Ladder Shelf



Another shelf that is suitable for bathrooms. This DIY rustic shelf will turn your bathroom around and will be a centerpiece. It just looks amazing.


DIY Rustic Hexagon Honeycomb Shelves



Want to make something different and unique? Well, this DIY shelf really is something different. It is completely made out of popsicles. Check out the tutorial to see how it is made.


DIY Easy Rustic Rope Shelf



An easy rustic DIY shelf that looks amazing. It looks clean and will provide enough storage space. Another shelf that is perfect for a bathroom or living room.


DIY Floating Shelf



Want to have storage space in your bedroom beside the bed? This rustic DIY shelf will be a perfect solution how to add some. Check it out how easy it is to make.


Easy DIY Rustic Box Shelves



Rustic DIY shelves that have a modern design. They are super easy to make and they will not cost a lot of money. DIY rustic shelves that will turn a boring wall into something beautiful.


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