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20 DIY Clothes Racks That Are Pretty And Are Easy To Make – Tutorials

It is not possible to always get or build a wardrobe. Maybe you just do not want a wardrobe or want some extra place where you could store your clothes. Well, if any of those reasons are true, then you a really nice solution how to get and add some storage space for your clothes is by building DIY clothes rack. By building it, you can build it as big, as wide, as long as you just need or like it. Also, you will never get that beautiful clothing racks when you buy them as you can get by building DIY clothes rack by yourself.

Here is a list that has 20 different and unique DIY clothes racks. Those DIY clothes racks are practical and beautiful. They will not make your home look ugly, the opposite, it will make your home look nicer. So, scroll down, check out all the DIY clothing racks that we have gathered around for you and choose your favorite. Every clothing rack that we have on our site has a link that leads to a tutorial that teaches you how to make DIY clothes rack.


DIY Garment Rack



It is a nice DIY clothing rack that is made out of wood, it has enough storage space to hold one person clothing. Also, the nice extra that this DIY clothing rack has, is the two-level shoe storage.


DIY Rolling Garment Rack



A bit more unique and different DIY clothing rack than others. To make it, you have to use some wood and copper pipes. Nice design that will have a nice impact on your room.


DIY Hanging Copper Pipe Clothing Rack



Super easy clothing rack but also super clever way how to make one. To make it, you just need a copper pipe and install it on your ceiling. To understand how to exactly make this DIY clothing rack, check out the tutorial.


DIY Garment Clothing Rack



Another clothing rack that uses copper when making it. The main frame is made completely out of copper and the bottom of it is made out of wood. You can also add some wheels so you can easily change its position.


DIY Wooden Clothes Rack



If you are not looking for a clothing rack that has some copper elements, then your next choice would be making a DIY clothing rack out of wood. This wooden DIY clothing rack will also have some space where to store your shoes.


DIY Penderie Design Clothes Rack



This is a bit more modern design DIY clothes rack than previous ones and it has a bit more details. It looks clean, good and will definitely have a good impact on your room looks. This particular DIY clothing rack might be a bit small, but you can adjust the size.


DIY Ladder Wardrobe



Ladder styled DIY clothing rack. It is completely made out of wood and has a rustic look. If you are not looking anything super clean and fancy, then this DIY clothing rack is just for you.


DIY Clothing Rack With Plumbing Tubes



Want something completely different that will definitely pop out from your room? This DIY clothing rack will definitely be a centerpiece of your room if you decide to make it. A modern DIY clothing rack that is also easy to make.


 Teepee Clothing Rack



Simple but yet quite nice DIY clothing rack. Building this clothing rack will not require a lot of effort you and you will get a nice DIY clothing rack that looks good and will serve its purpose with honor.


DIY Copper Minimalist Clothing Rack



Are you also fan on the minimalist look? If so, then this DIY copper clothing rack might be something for you. To make it, you need some copper pipes and that is pretty much it. Check out the tutorial to see how to make it.


DIY Coatrack



This is not per say a clothing rack, but it will definitely qualify as one. It is meant for a one or two pieces of clothing and it looks great. Another DIY clothing rack that is made out of copper.


DIY Minimalistic Wooden Clothes Rack



Minimalistic wooden clothing rack that will not require a lot of space and it can hold enough clothes for one person. A perfect little DIY clothing rack if you do not have a lot of space to spare.


DIY Wooden Bead Clothes Rack



Another unique and clever way how to hang and store your clothes. This wooden DIY bead clothing rack will definitely catch some eyes if the interior looks of your home are important for you.


DIY Wood And Leather Clothing Rack



A nice combination of wood and leather. This clothing rack will definitely be a nice addition to your home if you would do it. Little details make it perfect.


DIY Industrial Clothing Rack



Want something industrial? This DIY clothing rack looks industrial and it is perfect for tight spaces. For example, it would be a nice addition to your bathroom if you are in the need for a clothing rack.


DIY Floating Clothing Rack



DIY clothing rack that floats. It looks quite nice, simple but nice. If you want a clothing rack that is almost invisible but yet looks good, then this DIY clothing rack will provide it for you.


DIY Natural Looking Wooden Clothing Rack



This DIY clothing rack looks natural and is completely made out of wood. Add some beauty to your room with this amazing DIY clothing rack.


DIY Fun Looking Kid’s Dress-Up Rack



Another copper DIY clothing rack that you can make. It is quite similar to previous copper clothing rack that we have on our list, but the technique how this DIY clothing rack is made is a bit different. Check them out.


DIY Stylish Minimalist Clothes Rack



Minimalist DIY clothing rack that has a unique design and looks interesting. Also, you can use some colors to make it more alive. It also has some space for your shoes.


DIY Stylish Clothing Rack From Pipe



Industrial looks are beautiful when done right. If you ask us, you should always keep it minimalist when doing industrial design. It will look clean and will be a nice piece that will catch some eyes. Perfect DIY clothing rack for a hallway.


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