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20 DIY Coffee Tables To Decorate Your Living Room – Tutorials

The list of 20 different coffee tables that will be the centerpiece of your living room. If you are remodeling or you just want to get some new furniture for your home, then having a coffee table in your living room is must have. It is hard to find a coffee table that is perfect for you, but you can make a perfect coffee table by yourself.

And for that reason, we have gathered around 20 different DIY coffee tables that anyone can easily make. Every DIY coffee table that we have on our list, have a full tutorial ẃith pictures and steps that will guide you through the journey of making a DIY coffee table. So scroll down and check out the list, we promise, you will find a couple of DIY coffee tables that you would like to have.


DIY Mid-Century Coffee Table



Raw steel metal gives the industrial look for the table and wood gives some natural touch for it. For sure a nice table where to drink your coffee.


DIY 15-Minute DIY Coffee Table



Making this table only takes 15 – 20 minutes and this is a great project who want to make something quick and easy.



DIY Farmhouse Table



Farmhouse style gives the home charming and cozy look. So if you are looking for something to make your living room cozier, why not this beautiful farmhouse coffee table?


DIY Industrial Coffee Table



Making your own furniture has become more popular and also easy. Making this industrial coffee table won’t require a mush of material and also your time. But the final result of it is something to be proud of.


DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table



Great makeover for a boring table. You just need some wood and you will have a whole new looking table. Great project when you do not want to spend much money on a new coffee table or you want to try making something simple yourself.


DIY Hairpin Leg Coffee Table



This table is something for people who love the mid-century design. It looks modern but also a bit rustic.


Easy DIY Hairpin Leg Coffee Table



If you love the modern/vintage design and minimalistic interior elements, then you should take a look at this table.  Definitely, a nice place where to spend time with your loved ones and drink a nice cup of coffee.


DIY Modern Farmhouse Square Coffee Table



If you love the farmhouse design but also a bit modern design, then this table is just something between these two design. It has a bit rustic look but on the other side, look so simple and pure.


DIY Crate Coffee Table On Wheels



Perfect coffee table if you are looking for something to give spice in your room. It has a fun, rustic look and definitely catches the eyes.


DIY West Elm Inspired Coffee Table



This coffee table gives some fun touch in the room. It has a minimalistic and a bit of rustic touch in it. Great way how to add some color to your room.


DIY Balustrade Farmhouse Coffee Table



The must do a project for people who love vintage design. Vintage furniture is quite expensive at the stores and if you do not want to spend a fortune on your coffee table, then why not make it yourself?


DIY Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table



Perfect little coffee table for a small room. It has a cool and minimalistic look.


DIY Square Hairpin Leg Coffee Table



This farmhouse design table has a bit modern touch and it is a great DIY project for people who are looking for something different and industrial looking table.


DIY Coffee Table Using A Salvaged Shutter



Great project if you are on a budget or you just like to give a new life to old things. This table has the farmhouse touch in it and has a unique look.


DIY Wooden Coffee Table



This coffee table is for sure eye catcher! It looks so unique and cool. This table definitely pull attention for itself when you are having a coffee in there.


DIY Coffee Table With Pullouts



This table has more than one practical use. If you need more space, you just have to pull out the hidden space. So practical, am I right? And besides the practical side, it for sure look looks good.


DIY Wood Slice Table



This table looks so unique and pure. Having this kind of decoration details in your home gives so much personality for the room. It has a simple but elegant look and a perfect project for people who are looking for some daring elements for decoration.


DIY Clock Coffee Table



Ideal project for people who loves fun decoration elements in their homes. This unique coffee table for sure gets an attention when you are having a people over.


DIY Chunky Farmhouse Coffee Table



This table has a touch of farmhouse style and definitely gives some coziness in your living room.


DIY Tree Slab Coffee Table



This project is so easy to make but definitely a unique upgrade for a coffee table. This table has its own face and it is ideal DIY for people who love rustic but simple interior elements.


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