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20 Healthy Dinner Recipes That Are Perfect For Weight Losing – Recipes

Healthy dinner recipes are a great way if you are looking to lose some weight. As these kind of dinners are healthy, they are not carrying a lot of calories. When you are trying to lose some weight, it all comes down how much calories you are eating. But luckily for you, you do not have to eat the same dish every day. There are a lot of different dishes that you can eat and not take on a lot of calories.

And for that exact reason, we have gathered around our favorite 20 healthy dinner recipes that are good for you and they are not carrying a lot of calories. Every dish that we have on our list have a full recipe with steps and pictures that will teach you how to make it. So, scroll down, check out the list and choose your favorite healthy dinner recipe that you would like to try out. Please leave a comment below what kind of healthy dinner recipe is your favorite.


BBQ Chicken Salad



This is a super fast dinner recipe that can be made in about 15 minutes. A healthy dinner recipe that contains chicken with BBQ sauce that will give this salad a lovely smokey taste.


Weight Watchers Garlic Shrimps



Also a fan of seafood? If you are looking out of your weight these days but you are missing a great meal that is low on fat and calories, then those shrimps that are prepared with garlic are amazing.


Taco Flatbreads



A healthy dinner recipe that has combined two fantastic foods together. Tacos and pizzas. As it might sound weird, the taste ain’t. Nice dinner recipe that is made out of tacos.


Weight Loss Vegetable Soup



The soup might be the most popular dish that is made when people are looking to lose some weight. This healthy dinner recipe that is good for weight loss is made out of vegetables and is absolutely perfect for losing weight.


Pasta With Asparagus


Recipe: skinnytaste

A creamy pasta that is rich in taste. If you like the taste of asparagus and you have not had a pasta with it before. Then it is time to try it. As asparagus contains a lot of vitamins, it is perfectly healthy dinner recipe.


Lemon, Sun-Dried Tomato, And Almond Quinoa Salad



If you are here, you are probably looking for a recipe that is healthy and also taste good. You have made it. This almond quinoa salad definitely is tasty and tastes great.


Feta Stuffed Mushrooms


Recipe: recipegirl

Are you a fan of mushrooms but you are out of ideas on how to prepare them? This feta stuffed mushrooms are fantastic. They are perfect as a dinner or you can have them as snacks. They are quite low in calories.


Maple Barbeque – Glazed Salmon



Salmon is a rich food that is healthy and a good dish to have when you are trying to lose some weight. A nice maple barbecue-glazed salmon that has a smoky taste with a little sweetness.


Kale Chicken Caesar Salad



Yes, Caesar salads in their original form are not the healthiest dinner recipes. But this one is enhanced a bit. It is a Caesar salad that is made with kale and chicken.


Cobb Salad With Flaxseed Oil Dressing


Recipe: weightwatchers

It is an ingredient-packed salad. It has a fresh taste and has a lot of different flavors. Vinaigrette, that is drizzled over it, gives this salad a nice sore taste.


Sesame Peanut Noodles



Yes, you can even have Chinese when you are trying to lose some weight. This healthy dinner recipe, sesame peanut noodles, is an example of it. This dish is full of flavors and thin of calories.


Pear And Prosciutto Pizza



As you can Chinese when you are trying to lose some weight, you can also have some pizza also. Is it not great? This pear and prosciutto pizza is healthy and contains no added grease. It is a creamy goodness with 11 percent fewer calories than regular pizza.


Sheet Pan Buddha Bowls With Tahini Sauce


Recipe: yummymummykitchen

When you are trying to lose weight, you would want to eat as clean as possible. This Buddha bowl is full of wonderful vegetables with flavors that are superb. It is a perfect dish if you are looking to detox.


Spring Green Detox Soup



Another wonderful healthy dinner recipe that is perfect for a detox. This soup is made out of sweet potatoes, leeks, peas and some baby spinach. A green goodness.


Slow Cooker Spinach Artichoke Chicken


Recipe: skinnyms

It is a perfect healthy dinner recipe for people that already like spinach and artichoke dip. It is a creamy, delicious dinner that has tender chicken. It is simple to make that has wonderful flavors.


Sheet Pan Shrimp Fajitas


Recipe: number-2-pencil

Another shrimp recipe that is amazing. This healthy dinner recipe contains a bit more ingredients and has a bit of different taste. A nice 20-minute dinner if you do not want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.


Beef Abd Cabbage Stir Fry



Recipe: budgetbytes

Want to have a dinner recipe that is low carb? Then this beef and cabbage stir fry might be something that you would like to make. It is filled with big flavors that are super easy and cheap to make.


Healthy Chicken Fingers


Recipe: healthyseasonalrecipes

You might be thinking that what the hell is fried chicken doing in this list? Well, this one is not fried and it is made healthy, believe it or not. Check out the tutorial and see how!


Blackened Fish Burger With Sriracha Mayo


Recipe: ohsweetbasil

Want to have a burger for a dinner? But you can not because you are trying to eat healthily? But luckily for you, there are also healthy burgers out there. And one is here. A blackened fish burger with sriracha mayo that is quick and easy to make.


Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowls


Recipe: cookieandkate

Check out this burrito bowl recipe, it is quite amazing. There are a lot of healthy dinner recipes that are unique and that taste wonderful and this one is no exception.


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