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20 DIY Easy & Cheap To Make Mirror Frames Perfect For Decor – Tutorials

Find out what kind of different DIY mirror frames you can make. Making a DIY mirror frame is a great way to get a DIY mirror frame that is cheap to make and it won’t cost you a fortune to make. We have DIY mirror frames that are perfect for living rooms, small spaces and even for apartments.

DIY mirrors are an amazing way how to add some decor and turn it around. This post if for you if you are looking for a DIY mirror frame that is made out of wood, copper or even out of some rope. To learn how to make a DIY mirror frame that is cheap to make and will add value to your existing decoration, then scroll down and check out our list of DIY mirrors that are easy and cheap to make. Every project has a tutorial that will show you the way how to make it. Enjoy!


DIY Hanging Mirror


Tutorial: Sugarandcloth

A DIY hanging mirror that is meant to hang on the walls. It is a budget DIY project that is surprisingly cheap to make. With this DIY mirror frame, you will completely transfer your wall.


DIY Gem Mirror


Tutorial: Abeautifulmess

When we first saw this DIY mirror frame project, then we said “WOW!”. It looks amazing. If you also love this DIY mirror frame, then you should consider that it will take a bit of time to complete. But otherwise, this DIY mirror frame is quite easy to achieve.


SIY Minimal Floor Mirror


Tutorial: Themerrythought

It is an example of how you can make something beautiful for as little money as possible. It is extremely cheap to make DIY mirror frame project that has a minimalist design.


DIY Fringed Mirror Wall Hanging


Tutorial: Sugarandcloth

With this DIY fringed wall mirror, you will definitely add some exciting decorative value to your walls. Learn how to make this little exciting DIY mirror frame.


DIY Floor Mirror With Built-In Shelf


Tutorial: Ehow

Are you appreciating things that have a lot of practical value besides looking good? This DIY mirror frame definitely looks good and besides that, it also has a storage space in the face of a shelf. So, a DIY mirror frame with a shelving.


DIY Braided Mirror


Tutorial: Curbly

Do you also love the braided frame of this DIY mirror frame? We definitely do! It is a unique DIY mirror frame that is easy and super cheap to make. If you’d like to learn how to make it, then follow the link.


DIY Plywood Floor Mirror


Tutorial: Themerrythought

You would like to make a DIY mirror frame for your bedroom and you would like the DIY mirror to more than just reflect light? If you nodded, then this DIY mirror frame might be perfect for you. Its frame is made out of wood, it has Scandinavian minimalistic design that looks clean and it also has some shelves where you can store all your essentials.


DIY Cord Mirror


Tutorial: Frkhansen

Minimalist? Yes, this DIY mirror frame definitely is a minimalist DIY mirror. It has a clean and unique look that will look amazing on the white walls. If your main mission is to add decor to your room, then this DIY mirror frame project is perfect for that.


DIY Wood Framed Mirror


Tutorial: Thewoodgraincottage

Full-length DIY mirrors are great for hallways, bathrooms, and hallways. Those kinds of mirrors are meant to help you get dressed. This DIY wood framed mirror is easy to make and looks great.


DIY Triangle Mirror


Tutorial: Almostmakesperfect

You do not want to make an easy DIY mirror frame, but you want to make a super easy DIY mirror frame? If so, then this DIY mirror is super easy to make will look amazing on your wall.


DIY Live Edge Mirror


Tutorial: Eastcoastcreativeblog

Do you like the live edge mirror frame and if you want one, then you probably know how hard it is to find one. And if you manage to find one, then you know how expensive they can get. This DIY live edge mirror frame costs 20 dollars to make. Yes, 20 dollars. I think that said all about this DIY mirror frame. A Gem!


DIY Round Wood Mirror


Tutorial: Angelamariemade

Round DIY mirror frames go really well in bathrooms. There isn’t a better shape of mirror that fits better in a bathroom than round is. This kind of mirror frames is another kind of mirror frames that can cost you a fortune if you will be able to find one. If you’d like to make a DIY round mirror frame, then learn how to make it!


DIY Trumeau Mirror


Tutorial: Maisondepax

You love the vintage decor and you are not able to find a suitable mirror frame for your existing vintage decorations? Then DIY will help you out. You can make this DIY trumeau mirror out of some plywood. Follow the link and Maisondepax will teach you how to make it.


DIY Modern Mirror


Tutorial: Lovecreatecelebrate

Are you on a budget? If so, then this easy to make DIY mirror frame that looks modern is cheap to make. A simple design that will look great on your wall. Is it for a bathroom or a hallway.


DIY Sunrise Mirror


Tutorial: Woodshopdiaries

Well, to be honest, you can not call this DIY mirror frame project a mirror frame. But we still put this on our list as it looks amazing. A perfect example that how the simplest things can look amazing. With this DIY mirror shelf, you will transform your existing mirror.


DIY Leather And Eucalyptus Mirror


Tutorial: Themerrythought

Are you lazy but you still want to make DIY? Hey, that is why we are here. We have DIY mirror frames for everyone. Another DIY mirror frame that is super easy to cheap to make. A perfect DIY mirror frame that is perfect for people that are on a budget or that are looking for a mirror that have minimalistic design.


DIY Large Copper Round Mirror


Tutorial: Abubblylife

Copper is a material that is getting more popular every year. We can understand why it is getting more and more popular. The color that copper has, goes well together with white and wooden furniture. It is a must-have color if you are aiming for a Scandinavian look in your home.


DIY Dowel Mirror


Tutorial: Themerrythought

Ooh, what to say about this DIY mirror frame? Maybe amazing? Yes, the amazing is a correct word for this DIY mirror frame. It is a modern DIY mirror that is easy to make looks superb.


DIY Pink Iridescent Mirror


Tutorial: Abubblylife

This might be the DIY mirror that you can make by not opening up the tutorial at all. Quite straightforward? We added this on our list to show how you easily you can turn something dull into something interesting. A cheap to make DIY wall mirror.


DIY Starburst Mirror


Tutorial: Blitsy

You can make a room stand out with this DIY mirror frame. This starburst DIY mirror frame is made out of wires, so be aware of that. But if you do not mind working around with wires and you love the unique design of this wall DIY mirror frame, then this project is worth checking out to learn how to make it.


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