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20 DIY Amazing Budget Decor Projects For The First Home – Tutorials

If you have bought or rented your first home, then you might have found yourself in the situation that your home is missing something that makes it special and feel like a true home. If it is a case, and you would like to decorate your home, but you are on a budget, then this is the perfect place to be. We have collected our favorite DIY decor projects that are cheap to make and are perfect for people that have moved into their first home.

On our list, we have DIY projects for almost every room of a home. If it is a bedroom, living room or even a bathroom, that is missing that special touch, then we have you covered with our DIY decor project list. If you are wondering that what kind of style DIY decor projects we have, then we have good news for you if you are a fan of a rustic/modern minimalistic design. So, scroll down and check out the list of 20 DIY amazing budget decor projects that are perfect for the first home. We are certain that you will find a DIY project or two that you would love to make. As every DIY decoration project we have on our lists, have a full tutorial with pictures and steps that you can easily follow, everyone is capable of making them.


DIY Mini Cactus Planters


Tutorial: Homeyohmy

If you are also a woman and you have lotions that you regularly use, then this DIY decoration project is perfect for you? Why? You ask? It is perfect for you because then you probably already have or will have almost everything that you need to make this easy DIY decor project that is a fine example of a cheap DIY that looks amazing.


DIY Modern Wood Keyholder


Tutorial: Newblooming

With home there comes the keys. You might end up owning quite a lot of keys and storing them might be something that you should think about. With that, you can avoid a lot of headaches if you need the key someday. This DIY keyholder that is made out wood is a minimalistic wooden DIY project. With this, you can add something unique to your hallway and make the wall look prettier than ever. It is easy to make and it will cost you a few dollars.


DIY Raw Edge Concrete Plant Stand


Tutorial: Lilyardor

This DIY decoration project is something that can have two uses as. It can be a stand where you can display your things or you can use it as a stool. In modern design, the concrete is getting more and more popular these days and we can understand why it looks clean and beautiful. The minus side of this DIY project is that it can get quite heavy, so take note of that. But if you’d like to add some modern design to your home, then this might be something that you would like to as it is quite easy to make and perfect if you are on a budget.


DIY Wool Woven Basket


Tutorial: Fallfordiy

Here is something super easy for you! This DIY wool woven basket looks slick and awesome. No, you do not have to make a basket from scratch, you can buy it and they are cheap. The DIY part of this project is turning a plain boring basket into something beautiful that will make your home look unique and more beautiful. Take a look at the tutorial to learn what exactly you need to make this DIY woolen basket.


DIY Chunky Knit Throw Blanket


Tutorial: Lilyardor

These kinds of blankets have been trending for some quite time now. If you have seen and touched one of those blankets, then you know how soft and comfortable they can be. Why should you take your time and make one instead of buying? Well, good quality yarn blankets can cost you a lot of money. But luckily we have this wonderful DIY decor project that will help you. It will teach you how you can get this amazing yarn blanket in easy three steps, check them out!


DIY Copper Vases


Tutorial: Homeyohmy

DIY is a perfect thing if you are on a budget and you are trying to decorate your home. Yes, it can get quite rough if you have just bought yourself and moved into your first home. But that doesn’t mean that you should give up the premium decoration items. With DIY you can turn something old into something beautiful and elegant. This DIY decor project must be the easiest one that we have encountered and also it will be the cheapest one that you can probably find. A beautiful DIY that costs you almost nothing.


DIY Gym Ring Hanging Pendant Lamp


Tutorial: Fallfordiy

Are you a missing a light from your bedroom to have a cozy night? If that is the case, then this DIY decor project will teach you how to make this DIY lamp that is made out of a gym ring holder. Yup, you read it right! It looks amazing, it has this light rustic design and it looks minimalist. A superb design!


DIY Modern Blanket Ladder


Tutorial: Darlingdarleen

Decorations do not have to be just decorations, they can also have practical value. This DIY project will teach you how to make something that is easy to make, will not cost you a lot of money and will look amazing and have practical value. This is a DIY modern blanket ladder. It looks modern and minimalistic. If you like this kind of design and you are looking for something like that, then this DIY decor project is worth checking out.


DIY Little Magnet Planters


Tutorial: Grillo-designs

Plants are the sure way how you can decorate your home, you just can not go wrong with it. But you also need planters to plant some plants in your home. And these planters should also look beautiful. If you have some free space on your walls and you are okay with having some plants on your walls, then these DIY succulent planters are something special. Check them out and display your favorite plants on your walls!


DIY Tiled Placemats & Coasters


Tutorial: Thelovelydrawer

Small details will make our home look beautiful and complete. Just like these DIY tiled placemats. If you already do not have placemats & coasters, then having some might not be the worst idea ever. You can have placemats and coasters that will look amazing and will add decorative value to your home. Check out this DIY decor project that is perfect if you are on a budget and you are looking for a DIY that is easy to make.


DIY Tassel Throw Pillow


Tutorial: Lilyardor

Another great way how you can decorate your home is with pillows. We covered previously how you can make a fantastic DIY blanket and now we have here for you a DIY tassel throw pillow. Pillows are quite underrated as decorative items, but it really is a nice way how you can add some beauty to your room.


DIY Leather Safari Sling Bench


Tutorial: Vintagerevivals

This DIY decor project is not completely a decor item. It is a DIY bench that has a unique design and what makes your room really come together. This exact DIY leather bench was recycled from an old leather sofa, so take note that the leather can cost you a lot of money if you do not have an old leather sofa. Still, it is a super nice way how you can use up that old leather sofa and make something truly beautiful out if it.


DIY Wood Triangle Trivets


Tutorial: Homeyohmy

There is a high chance that you love to have dinners at your home. Dinners are a great way how to show off your beautiful things to your friends and family. Trivets are something that you can not have a proper dinner without. If you do not have trivets right now or you are looking to upgrade ones you have right now, then this DIY decor idea will teach you how you can make an amazing DIY trivet.


DIY Copper And Wood Plant Stand


Tutorial: Ohohdeco

This is another DIY planter. As we covered it previously, plants are one of the nicest ways how you can add some decor value to your home. Before we showed you how you can have some plants planted on your wall, but this one shows you how you can have some plants in style on the floor. If you like this DIY planter, then check out the tutorial that will teach you how you can make this DIY planter that is made out of wood and copper.


DIY Leather Door Wedge


Tutorial: Homemadebycarmona

As you have learned by now, you know that the true beauty that makes our home beautiful are little details. Details like this DIY leather door wedge. It is a really simple and easy way how to add some unique details to your home. Also, it is super cheap to make. Something like this can cost you 20 to 30 dollars in premium decor shop.


DIY Mid Century Side Table


Tutorial: Sugarandcloth

This DIY decor idea looks sophisticated and complex but making it is easier than one might think. This mid-century DIY side table is a nice decor item that also has a purpose in its being. We love things that are practical but also are perfect for decorations.


DIY Hexagon Shape Shelves


Tutorial: Ispydiy

If you have empty walls and you are struggling with them and you do not know what you are going to do with them. If so, then you can make yourself DIY hexagon shape shelves. These kind of shelves are straight out of the modern design. If you also love this kind of design, then we suggest you check out this nice tutorial that will teach you can you can make these DIY shelves with ease.


DIY Mudcloth Print Cotton Canvas & Wire Hamper


Tutorial: Ispydiy

Uuh, that is a nice one. A beautiful piece to decorate your bedroom or bathroom. We like it, no, we love it. It is easy to make, looks more than it costs you to make and it will pop out of your room. Finding this from a store might be a hell of a job.


DIY Hanging Organizer


Tutorial: Burkatron

Another DIY decor project that is also a nice piece for other things. This DIY organizer will make your walls beautiful and you will get a place where you can have all your memos staring at you so you are not forgetting them.


DIY Leather Pouf


Tutorial: Thevintagerugshop

DIY leather pouf. This is something unique, if you are feeling that you are missing from your living room and you do not know what is it. Then we are pretty certain that this DIY leather pouf can make these toughts dissaper from your head. It is a nice DIY pouf that anyone can make. Check out the tutorial to learn how this is made.


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