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20 DIY Easy Rustic Dining Tables That Wont Cost A lot – Tutorials

DIY dining tables that are easy to make that won’t cost you a lot, can make a huge difference financially. You will save a lot of money and you will get a quality table that is made out of quality materials. When going to shop to look for a new dining table, you might find yourself looking at dining tables that cost a lot of money. As dining tables are simple by design, they are quite easy to make. Especially if you have a tutorial to follow when making one by yourself.

On our list of DIY rustic dining tables, we have 20 different dining tables that look different and amazing. There are dining tables from modern to classical designs and we are certain that you will find a dining table that you would love to have in our living room. From the tutorial you will instructions, tips and tricks how to make yourself a dining table, you do not have to follow the sizes that they use in the tutorial, so you can make the dining table as big or small as you would like. So, check out the list of DIY rustic dining tables, choose your favorite, open up the tutorial and start making yourself a new DIY dining table. The list is below!


DIY Rustic Dining Table


Tutorial: Lilyardor

If you like the rustic looks and you are a fan of modern design, then this DIY dining table have both of these things and it will meet that criteria. It has metal legs and the top is made out of wood. You can paint or oil the wood as you’d like.


DIY Plywood Hair Pin Leg Dining Table


Tutorial: Deliacreates

If you are on a strict budget and you do not want to spend a lot of money. Then making a dining table out of plywood can save you quite a bit of money. Plywood might not sound as premium as natural wood, but you still can make a premium DIY dining table out of plywood. Check it out, this modern dining table is completely worth it.


DIY And Old – Meets – New Dining Table


Tutorial: Remodelista

This is something special. And it might be perfect for people and couples that are not quite on the same sheet of whether getting a modern or classical looking dining table. This DIY dining table brings two together, this old look with modern design looks amazing and unique. This dining table will be something that is worth talking about at the dinner.


DIY Live Edge Table With Steel Base


Tutorial: Lemonthistle

Live edge dinner tables are getting more and more popular and there is one reason for that. And that reason is simple, they just look absolutely amazing! These slim minimalistic table legs will give the spotlight to the amazing looking live-edge table top making it look amazing.


DIY Farmhouse Table


Tutorial: Lessthanperfectlifeofbliss

We can not get by without some classic looks. If you are one of those persons who like old designs, then this dining table has it. When looking at those table legs, it might seem like it is a lot of work, but I can assure you, that you do not have to worry about these legs, take a look at the tutorial to see how it is solved.


DIY Modern Dining Table


Tutorial: Homemade-modern

And we go back to modern looking DIY dining tables. These V-shaped legs are something that makes the modern table look modern. You can use this modern DIY dining table perfectly at outdoors too. Check it out!


DIY X Brace Farmhouse Dining Table


Tutorial: Cherishedbliss

If you are designing or you have already designed your home in farmhouse design, then this DIY farmhouse dining table will be a nice add-on to your living room. These X-shaped legs look amazing and will be the main design element in this DIY dining table. Open up the tutorial to learn how these legs are made.


DIY Dining Table


Tutorial: Abeautifulmess

Ooh man, this DIY dining table truly look amazing. It is something special. If you want to go for something real premium, then this DIY rustic modern dining table will give to you. Simple to make DIY dining table that looks superb.


DIY Wooden Herringbone Table With Tapered Legs


Tutorial: Realitydaydream

Herringbone design is also something that is getting more and more popular with DIY dining tables. It is something that has come from old times and we can see why it is getting back its style, it does look nice and it goes quite well with modern designs, to be honest.


DIY Simple Wood Dining Table


Tutorial: Apartmenttherapy

Want to make something really simple? If so, then this wooden DIY rustic dining table might be the simplest thing that you could make out wood. You can put this wooden DIY table together within a day and it will look amazing. Check it out to learn how to make it.


DIY Octagon Dining Table


Tutorial: Makeit-loveit

Most of the dining tables are rectangular, but this DIY dining table is shaped like an octagon. The nice thing about these kinds of dining tables is that they will seat quite a lot of people in small spaces. A small DIY dining table that has farmhouse design, completely worth of checking out.


DIY Easy Dining Table


Tutorial: Homemade-modern

Another modern DIY dining table that looks clean. It looks clean and it is easy to make. The top is made out of plywood, so it will cost you a lot of money when making it.


DIY Wood Pallet Table


Tutorial: Abeautifulmess

You have reached to the budget DIY dining table, you can not go any cheaper when making a DIY dining table. This one is for people that need a dining table but do not want or can’t pay for it. With free pallets that you can get from warehouses, you can make this nice DIY rustic dining table with almost nothing.


DIY Modern Farmhouse Dining Table


Tutorial: Shanty-2-chic

A sturdy nice natural wood DIY dining table. Once you completely this DIY rustic dining table, you can even dance on it, just make sure you follow the tutorial if you want to dance on it. But yes, this dining table will last you forever.


DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Table


Tutorial: Iheartnaptime

If you are into this rustic and sluggish design that you can see at those old farmhouses, but you do not want to get something old per se, then this DIY project is perfect. You can achieve this look with a brand new DIY dining table.


DIY Grey Wood Stain Dining Table


Tutorial: Thehandymansdaughter

It is a DIY dining table that looks clean and beautiful. Take a look at the tutorial to learn how to make this DIY dining table for you.


DIY Husky Modern Dining Table


Tutorial: Jenwoodhouse

This rustic DIY wooden dining table has brought together old and new. If you are into this kind of design, then we strongly recommend you to check out the tutorial to see how easy it is to make this beautiful dining table.


DIY Modern Plywood Dining Table


Tutorial: Instructables

As the DIY point is making something unique and beautiful without spending a lot of money, then this plywood DIY dining table will help you save that money. It looks modern and clean, if you are not into that natural look, we recommend to paint it white, it will look amazing.


DIY Modern Farmhouse Dining Table


Tutorial: Shanty-2-chic

Another farmhouse design DIY dining table. These bulky farmhouse DIY rustic tables look beautiful and they really look like they will last forever. If you are into it, open up the tutorial.


DIY Farmhouse Dining Table


Tutorial: Rogueengineer

And we are going to continue and end this list on the farmhouse note. It is another beautiful DIY farmhouse dining table that has rustic looks. This tone that this dining table top is waxed to goes perfectly together with the white legs, open up the tutorial to see what kind of wood wax was used to achieve this nice tone.

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