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20 Healthy & Easy Sweets That Are Not Bad For You – Recipes

Commonly sweets can be harmful to your health as they are made out of a lot of sugar and other ingredients that are not that good for you overall health. If you are trying to eat clean and healthy, it might be hard to give up all sweets. But luckily for you, you do not have to give up every sweet. There are some sweets that are not that bad for your health and can even be classified as healthy foods.

From our list, you will find healthy sweets recipes that are good for your health and you do not have to feel bad after eating them. We have to concentrate on recipes that are easy to make, have as low calories it is possible to have with treats and that is super tasty. So, scroll down, check out the list and clean away your sweet cravings in a healthy way!


Healthy Snickers Pie ( Vegan )


Recipe: Lizmoody

This Snickers pie is a great idea for a desert. It has healthy and good ingredients and it also suits people who are vegans or who are trying out vegan foods. It for sure taste as good as it looks. Making this Snickers pie is super easy and you also do not need many different ingredients. If you love Snickers, then this is definitely a pie to try!


No Bake Healthy Chocolate Chip Blondies


Recipe: Laurafuentes

This is a healthy version of chocolate chips. Making these delicious chocolate chip blondies is super easy and does not take a lot of your time. All the ingredients are good for you and you can be sure that these chocolate chip blondies taste super delicious and also, are a better choice for your health.


Strawberry Yogurt Bark


Recipe: Hellowonderful

Yogurt is a great way how to make healthy and tasty sweets. And these yogurt and strawberry barks taste so good and are super easy to prepare. Great alternative for people who love different sweet bars. They do not contain extra sugar and these yogurt strawberry bars are definitely a better choice for your body.


Healthy Pineapple Banana Icecream


Recipe: Vanillacrunnch

This tropical homemade ice cream taste amazing! It has all the natural and fresh ingredients and this ice cream do not have extra sugar in it. A perfect treat for a hot day or if you just love homemade ice creams, then this one is definitely one to try. You only need a few ingredients to make it and you will love the final result!


Healthy Greek Yogurt Brownies With Chocolate Ganache


Recipe: Joyfoodsunshine

Brownies are a perfect treat for people who love chocolate. And if you are thinking of becoming more healthy and make better choices for your health but do not give up on brownies? Then these healthy greek yogurt brownies are a great alternative to your regular brownies.


Apple Nachos With Peanut Butter And Chocolate


Recipe: Trialandeater

These apple nachos are a perfect idea for the healthy treat if you do not make a mood for making or time for that. This quick and easy treat is a good alternative if you love sweets. This delicious dish does not contain that much sugar and it is a good alternative if you are looking idea for a sweet snack.


Edible Cookie Dough ( Eggless, Gluten Free )


Recipe: Veggiebalance

Who does not love cookie dough, right? This delicious treat is a healthy version of cookie dough and also, it suits people who are vegan. Making this tasty cookie dough is super easy and you do not need many ingredients too. It is a great idea if you are looking for some sweet treat idea.


Homemade Healthy Nutella


Recipe: Savorylotus

Chocolate cream does sound good right? But this Nutella which we can find at the store contains so much sugar and it is not good for your health. But this homemade Nutella has good and healthy ingredients and taste as good as this original Nutella at the stores. An amazing alternative if you are a fan of Nutella.


Berry Healthy Coconut Milk Popsicles


Recipe: Bloglovin

Homemade ice cream is for sure much healthier than those which we can find at the stores. These popsicles are coconut lovers dream. They taste so delicious and super easy to make. And the main, they actually are healthy and a better choice for your health and body.


Healthy Cinnamon Rolls


Recipe: Briana-Thomas

Well, who does not love cinnamon rolls but the classic cinnamon rolls contain to much sugar and butter that’s because these rolls actually are not good for you. But who can give up on cinnamon rolls right? This recipe is just for cinnamon roll lover. It is a healthy version of classic cinnamon rolls but they actually taste as good as the classic ones. Definitely, a recipe to try out!


One Bowl Chocolate Pumpkin Bread


Recipe: Runningwithspoons

It is time for pumpkins! if you are thinking some idea what you can do with pumpkins then why not making something sweet but healthy. This chocolate pumpkin bread tastes delicious and it is super easy to make. Also, it contains only good and healthy ingredients, so it is a good alternative for people who love chocolate cakes or brownies.


Skinny Mini Cheesecake


Recipe: Fitnessfooddiva

Cheesecake tasty delicious but they also can be quite bad for you. Usually, they contain a lot of sugar and other stuff which are healthy for you. But these mini cheesecakes are healthy and better version of classic ones. They are easy to prepare and why not offer them as a dessert at the dinner party? Super tasty and healthy.


Healthy Avocado Chocolate Cookies


Recipe: Thesmoothielover

These avocado chocolate cookies tasty super good and they also are quite a nutrition. They only contain healthy and good ingredients for your health. They also are super easy to make and does not take a lot of time either. You may let them cool before you eat them because they taste than even better. Good sweet snack idea for people who love cookies and chocolate.


 Coconut Berry Bites


Recipe: Thecoconutmama

Another coconut lover dream. These coconut berry bites taste so fresh and delicious. Also, they are super easy to prepare and only contain healthy and good ingredients. Perfect snack idea if you love coconut and you are searching ideas for something new and tasty to try out.


Berry Lemonade Popsicles


Recipe: Thefirstyearblog

These berry lemonade popsicles are so easy to make. They taste so fresh and delicious. They are good refreshment for a hot day and you can even eat more than one because they are super healthy and does not contain extra sugar or other bad stuff to your health. These berry lemonade popsicles are kinda quilted free sweet treat for the hot day.


Healthy Peanut Butter Cups


Recipe: Fitfoodiefinds

Peanut butter is a many people favorite treat. It actually can be healthy too if you are buying a right one. You can also make a lot of different treatment from it. Like these delicious peanut butter chips. They are super easy to make, does not take a lot of time and the main, they are so tasty!


3 – Ingredient Chocolate Crunch Doughnut


Recipe: Nadiashealthykitchen

These chocolate crunch doughnuts are a good idea for on the go snack or just as a snack. Making these healthy chocolate crunch doughnuts is super easy and you also do not need many different ingredients to make them. Simple, tasty and healthy sweet snack idea for people who love chocolate.


Skinny Vanilla Bean Donuts


Recipe: Theskinnyfork

These skinny vanilla bean donuts taste super delicious. Classic donuts are definitely good for you, but if you love donuts and looking some healthy and better alternatives to these, then these vanilla bean donuts are something to try out. They actually taste super tasty and are for sure better for your body and health.


Coconut Lemon Bliss Balls


Recipe: Wholesomepatisserie

These coconut lemon bliss balls are a perfect sweet treat for people who love coconut. These coconut bliss balls are super easy to prepare and they taste delicious. Also, these are a perfect solution for sweet snacks on the go. They have a strong and nice coconut taste with a bit of sour lemon, it does sound good right?


Light And Fluffy Matcha Lemon Muffins


Recipe: Beautifuleatsandthings

This recipe is super interesting and if you are searching just something like that, then this tasty fluffy matcha lemon muffin recipe is something for you to try out. They taste so delicious and they are super healthy. These muffins contain so many good ingredients and nutrition to your health,

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