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20 Healthy & Super Easy To Make Power Bowls – Recipes

Power bowls are nice dish either for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They are healthy for you, they will give all the nutrition you need and there are a lot of different kinds of them. Something for anybody. If you already have tried power bowls or you are looking for a recipe to try out, then you are in the right place. We have gathered around our 20 different healthy power bowls recipes that are healthy for you and easy to make.

If you already are here, then we strongly recommend you to try out one of those healthy power bowl recipes that we have put on our list. No worries, there is something for everybody. Even if you would like to have something vegan, something with chicken or something that is completely unique and different. Well, we have you covered, scroll down and check out the list of healthy power bowls below.


Cuban Quinoa Bowl With Spicy Lemon Cashew Dressing


Recipe: Heatherchristo

If you are one of those people who loves intensely flavors, then this amazing Cuban power bowl is something for you to try. Also, a great healthy dinner idea if you want to make something quick and easy. This Cuban quinoa power bowl is full of good fats and nutrition for your health.


Quinoa Power Bowl


Recipe: Greensnchocolate

This is a great bowl to get some energy and nutrition for dinner or lunch. Quinoa is super good for your body and mind. Quinoa has so many nutrients which are necessary for your health. Making this bowl is super easy and besides all the good benefits, it truly tastes good.


Salmon Salad Veggie Bowl


Recipe: Cottercrunch

This power bowl taste is for sure something to try. Besides a unique taste, it has all good fats. It is a good idea of how to add something different and delicious to your menu. It is a good dish where to get all the necessary nutrition.


BBQ Tahini Power Bowl


Recipe: Veggiesdontbite

A power bowl can be ridiculously delicious and contain loads of protein and fats. this tasty BBQ tahini power bowl has a lot of different and exciting tastes in one bowl. So, if you are looking for something interesting for lunch or dinner, then this amazing BBQ tahini power bowl is something to try for sure.


Chicken Power Bowl With Crispy Baked Garbanzo Beans


Recipe: Iowagirleats

This delicious chicken power bowl with crispy baked garbanzo beans will keep you full quite a long time. This tasty chicken power bowl is great solutions if you have a busy day and you do not have time to go for lunch etc.


Korean Steak Kimchi Rice Bowl


Recipe: Sharedappetite

This Korean burrito rice bowl with bulgogi-style steak suits perfectly for people who love steak and also Mexican food. Rice bowl is just an awesome idea, it is a one big and tasty meal in one bowl. This is a super easy power bowl to make for lunch or dinner.


Dragon Bowl


Recipe: Theblenderist

Powe bowls are great energy resources. And this tasty dragon bowl is a great way how to eat more vegetables but also get have all the necessary nutrition from food. This bowl has delicious coconut/peanut sauce where to get all the good fats and protein.


Roasted Vegetable Buddha Bowl


Recipe: Steamykitchen

This roasted vegetables buddha bowl is. packed with goodness. This bowl may have only vegetables but it has so many different and interesting tastes. Also, Buddha bowls are not only a healthy meal, it also provides the flexibility for your everyday meal plan ideas.


Turmeric Chickpea Beetroot Hippie Bowl


Recipe: Thekitchengirl

We can call this amazing turmeric chickpea beetroot bowl also as a nourishing bowl. This bowl has all the superfoods in it, to begin with, kale, sweet potato and to end with pomegranate and chickpeas. This delicious hippie power bowl is super easy to prepare and help you to be more healthy and have more energy.


Mediterranean Quinoa Salad Bowl


Recipe: Yummly

This Mediterranean quinoa salad bowl has a really incredible combination. This bowl keeps you full on a long day and helps you keep your mind healthy. Great idea


Southwest Chicken And Quinoa Bowl


Recipe: Frugalmomeh

This is a super easy power bowl to prepare for dinner or lunch. This bowl has a lot of protein which is helping you keep full and gives a energy for a hard and long day. Also, you can freeze this power bowls and you will have this tasty chicken power bowl always ready for you.


Thai Peanut Power Bowl


Recipe: Savourandshine

Great bowl where to get necessary protein but you do not like meat that much. It has super easy ingredients you may have most of the foods you need to make this power bowl home with you already. Super easy and tasty Thai peanut power bowl where to get the protein you need.


Summer Glow Buddha Bowl


Recipe: Ohsheglows

This Glow buddha bowl is full of summer. It may not have a lot of incidents but it keeps you full for sure and taste super good. It tastes like summer in your mouth. If you are searching idea for dinner or lunch and you want to have something fresh and taste, then this summer glow power bowl is something so consider to prepare.


Spiced Apple Cider And Sweet Potato Quinoa Bowl


Recipe: Heatherchristo

This quinoa bowl is full of interesting tastes. Quinoa is one of those foods which helps you keep full for a long time and have a whole bunch of benefits for your health. This bowl is a great idea for dinner or side dish.


Sweet Potato, Squash And Kale Buddha Bowl


Recipe: Thegirlonbloor

all the Buddha bowls taste wonderful, they really do., Besides the good taste, this bowl has all the necessary ingredients to keep your body and mind healthy. Adding this vegetable buddha bowl to your menu and trying to eat more plant-based food, has only good benefits for you.


Harissa Chickpea Bowl With Potatoes, Lemon Tahini & Greens


Recipe: Thefirstmess

Chickpeas taste good and if you use them in the salads, they even taste better. This harissa chickpea bowl has so many different tastes and that s because it is a great meal idea if you do not like boring salads, It is truly something to try.


Honey Ginger Chicken Power Bowl With Creamy Lime Dressing


Recipe: Fitmittenkitchen

This hiney ginger chicken power bowl is an ideal meal for dinner. Besides that this chicken power bowl tastes good it is also easy to prepare. This amazing bowl is a great idea for lunch or dinner. It keeps you full a long time and gives you all the protein and nutrition which you need.


Broccoli Buddha Bowl


Recipe: Halfbakedharvest

This amazing power bowl helps you to get all the necessary nutrition to be more active and have more energy, This bowl is a great way how to get a little energy boost from your lunch for example. And of course, it tastes like heaven!


Greek Chicken Orzo Power Bowl


Recipe: Cravingsofalunatic

This Greek chicken orzo power bowl is packed with delicious ingredients. This power bowl is a great meal idea if you love Greek food. This Greek-inspired power bowl is super easy to make and a nice healthy meal idea.


Plant Power Bowl


Recipe: Kaleandchocolate

This plant power bowl is a great meal idea for people who do not eat meat or try to it less. This bowl has all the good plant-based protein and brain-boosting nourishment. this plant power bowl for sure tastes delicious!

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