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Category: Recipe


Food: 11 Of The Best Fat-Burning Foods

In Blog , Food , Recipe
On September 28, 2017
Here are top 30 fat burnings superfoods for you, if you want to live a healthier life or lose some weight. And the autumn is a good time to start to be healthier. Weather is getting colder and our body weaker. And these foods helps to stay away from flues and be healthy and happy. […]

Food: Homemade Ice Cream

On September 12, 2017

If you are still thinking that if you should buy your ice cream at the store or you should make it yourself, then here is the answer – you definitely should make it yourself! Making ice cream is


Food: Giant Spaghetti-Stuffed Meatball

In Food , Recipe
On September 11, 2017
Well, your kids will definitely love this dish! What could be cooler than eating a giant spaghetti-stuffed meatball, right? It tastes really good and it is super easy to make. So if you want to surprise your children with this cool dish or you want to make something quick and easy, this recipe is for you. […]
Matcha has a lot of good benefits for our body, for example, it burns calories and detoxifies the body. So, if you don’t have the matcha in your diet, then you should definitely consider trying this. And for beginning, here is one simple recipe for you how to start using matcha in your diet – […]

Food: Smoothie Recipes

In Drink , Recipe
On September 4, 2017
Smoothies are healthy and when done right, they taste great, even amazing. But doing the perfect smoothie isn’t so easy than it sounds. There are a lot of smoothie recipes around the internet. But one of the best smoothie recipes are simple and are made out of not more than 5-ingredients. So making good smoothies, […]
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