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DIY: Awesome DIY Desks To Build Yourself


Need a desk, but want something unique? Or you are looking for something special, whatever is the reason you are looking for DIY tables, you probably will find one that you like from our list. Every home needs to have a desk, it is a key place where to get your work done. Whatever it is, social networking or some serious work stuff.

There are a lot of different types of tables. They come in different sizes, colors and from materials. But what I consider the most important thing about desks is the material it is made out of. You can buy a good desk from a store, but they will definitely ask a lot of money for that. Making a one will cost you third of the cost of a store-bought store. Check out our list of DIY desks and choose your favorite, all these tables have a full tutorial how to make them, so that’s covered.

Concrete Table With Wooden Skeleton


That is a seriously sturdy table, I can guarantee you, if made right, this table will last forever. It has a modern design, concrete is really coming into the style these days. If you are looking for a small good desk and you like the concrete look, then this the one you are looking for.

DIY Workbench Inspired Desk


It is a huge table that gives a lot of workspace, you can have big shelves where you can store a printer or storage baskets. If you like industrial looks and need a lot of space, then this table will provide it all. It is also quite straightforward to make.

Copper Pipe DIY Desk


Another industrial design desk, the skeleton is made completely out of copper pipes with wood tops. Dark wood and copper go well together. Follow the link and will show you exactly what you need how you can make it.

DIY Standing Desk


Standing desks are fantastic things. They won’t take a lot of space and they will provide a really good amount of space. It is an easy DIY table, check out the tutorial.


Easy DIY Desk


This table is really good for starting businesses, if you are looking for cheap and easy to make DIY tables, then this the one. It will provide enough space for a little amount of money. 4 people can easily work on this table.

L Shaped Double X Desk


An L-shaped desk is comfortable and they look good in corners. This table will save quite a lot of space if you have not a lot of space. It really has a nice and simple design.

Minimalist DIY Desk


Need a table, but do not want to waste a lot of time building it? Then you should consider making this DIY table, I don’t think there are any simpler DIY tables than this is, check out the tutorial and make sure yourself.

Wood And Pipe Desk


A unique DIY desk that uses support pipes and wood panels. A simple rustic looking desk that won’t cost you a fortune and won’t take a lot of time to make. Rustic and industrial looks really are coming into style and to be honest, I can see why. They just look awesome and most of them are super easy to make. Follow the step-by-step tutorial and make yourself a good table.

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