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DIY: Hanging Storage Project Ideas


Homeowners who do not have space to waste know how hard it is to find suitable storage solutions that provide good storage, look good and won’t take a lot of space away from the home. But luckily there are hanging storage solutions that you can make by yourself. These hanging shelves and tables are stylish and you can put them into the awkward corners that you do not know what to do with.

There are a lot of different solutions and designs and coming up with one yourself might not be the best thing for everybody. Luckily for us, there are quite a lot of DIY projects that show us exactly how to make them. We have collected the best from the internet that we like and if you have made it so far, then you will probably will find one that you like also. Take a look at the list below and make yourself a fine hanging shelf/table.

Easy DIY Rope Shelf


Have some empty walls that you do not know what to do with? These hanging wall shelves have a minimaist design that makes them look great on every wall. These shelves are for people that honor the minimalist Scandinavian designs. Check out the tutorial and you will see how easy they are to make.

Hanging Rope Shelves


I love those genius design that will bring together simplicity and genius solutions.  Rope shelves look awesome and if you want a lot of storage like cabinets offer, then this storage solution is an alternative for it. This costs you almost nothing to make and also almost everyone can handle making it, so if you like it, check out the tutorial and learn how to make yourself one.

DIY Floating Shelf


This floating shelf is perfect for displaying plants and other decor items. It is a minimalist and sophisticated way to add personality to your home. It will give you a way to keep the space and add decoration.

Pallet Hanging Side Table


If you are serious about saving money on shelves, then this is you DIY shelf. Or you just like to recycle and keep environment more greener, then also it is a perfect project for you. Every pallet hanging side table will come out differently, and it is because every pallet has lived a different life. It is a unique way to add storage space to your home.

DIY Walnut Wood Haning Table


This is the perfect example how differently you can put these hanging shelves and tables into the use. They are just perfect in the tight spots. They do what cabinets are intended to do, but a lot more efficiently and more stylish. Perfect if you like a good design.


DIY Outdoor Hanging Table


You are not limited to use these hanging tables in indoors only, you can also use them outdoor. It is made out of pine boards, scrap lumber, exterior wood screws, liquid nails and wire cable clamps. It is a functional table that you can also use for displaying items.

DIY Round Shelf


This shelf design is quite different. But different things aren’t always bad, this round shelf will definitely add some decorative value. This kind of DIY shelf is perfect for someone who looks different design.

DIY Closet Crate Shelves


These crate shelves provide remarkable organization for the closet and they are visually appealing. They are perfect for storing baby supplies and any other kind of things. When buying crates, they are most likely unfinished, so they need some sanding and painting

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