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DIY: Radley Hidden Shoe Cabinet


Do you love the shoes, and your everyday problem is their placement? Then this hidden shoe cabinet is a smart solution for your problem. Besides that this cabinet has a practical use, it looks very nice. And besides, you can put all your shoes on it, you can use the cabinet top as a buffet cabinet.


And things which are made with your own, as always a bigger value than things what you can buy at the store. Also, knowing that every other home does not have this kind of shoe cabinet. So, it is a very good project if you want to have different shoe holder from the others.

And the main, making this cabinet is not that expensive as it seems. It will cost you around 5o dollars, but the price will definitely depend on what kind of wood are you using and where you are buying it.

So, if you are interested in this DIY hidden shoe cabinet, then check out this page HERE.


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