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DIY: Rustic Bathroom Trash Can


Would you like to spice up your bathroom trash can that doesn’t look good? Or you do not have a trash can in your bathroom but you would like to have one. But you do not want some regular boring basket that doesn’t look good in your bathroom. This DIY project teaches you how to turn 1 dollars trashcan into something really nice.

What You Need

You do not need much to do this little DIY project. You will need

  • A trash can
  • Some cord, depending how big of a basket you have. 10 feet should be enough
  • A glue gun
What It Costs

Making this DIY project won’t cost you almost anything. You can get a trash can for a 1 dollar from a dollar store and you might also find cord from there for a really cheap price. It takes about 1 hour to make.

So, it is cheap and relatively easy to make and gives your bathroom a nice trash can. Really nice little touch.

How to make this DIY project with all the information, details and pictures is HERE

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