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DIY: Rustic Wood Pumpkins


Pumpkins are a good idea to use in the fall decoration of the house. Using the usual right pumpkins, there are several breathtaking ways to create these decorations. But, if you are looking something different for this autumn? Somethings eye-catching and decorations that are not in every household? Well, here is one cool idea, which you should be thinking of doing.

Why not using wood to make something outstanding? The wood-made pumpkin sounds cool and definitely different, right? Well, here is one awesome DIY – rustic wood pumpkins. Making these wooden pumpkins are easy and quite a cheap.

What You Need
  • Either scrap of 2×4 or about one 2x4x8
  • 1 scrap of 2×2 about 2″-3″ long or improvise if you don’t have a 2×2
    Wood glue
  • Clamp
  • Sander and/or sandpaper
  • Paint
What It Cost

Because of the simplicity of this project, it will not cost you more than 15 dollars. And it’s even cheaper if you find the wood left standing at home. All of the required materials are quite basic and because of that, this Halloween project is cost-effective.

How To Make It

Making these pumpkins are easy and won’t take a lot of your time. But all the information and instructions that you need you can find on this page HERE

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