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DIY: Wallpaper Sample Print: “Less Scrolling More Making”


Wallpapers are cool wall decor projects. These are so simple to make and they are very eye-catching. And you can not go wrong with simplicity. Less is more, right?

What You Need
  • Wallpaper sample
    White one-inch sticker letters
    Right angle ruler



What It Cost

It is a simple DIY project that costs about 10 dollars to make. It all depends on where you get your materials and what you already own. But keeping it around 10 dollars shouldn’t be hard.

How To Make It

Plan out your quote with your stickers. Measure the size of your wallpaper sample and how many lines you’ll need for your quote. Mark the lines equally measured apart. Using your right angle, place it where the first line will go and put your stickers in place to spell out your quote. Continue until your quote is finished! Then, using the tape, secure in place in the frame and hang!

How to do this DIY project. Check out HERE, with all the information and pictures that you need to get to know how to make it.

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