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DIY: Wood iPhone Stand


This iPhone stand is a great gadget. Sometimes, we don’t remember where we put our phones, but if you have this kind of stand and you are using it as a phone holder, then you should not have this problem again. And plus, it’s great to use as the charging station.

Besides, that is a good place where to hold your phone, it’s also a great place to keep your keys, wristwatch etc. In one word, a very practical and welcome gadget in our homes, right?

Thing You Need
  • 1×6 board of wood – 3 feet is more than enough for one stand.
    mitre saw
    3/4″ spade bit
    1/2″ or 9/16″ spade bit
    sander and sandpaper
    wood glue
    stain and varnish or paint
What It Cost

It may not be simplest DIY project, but it will cost you about 20 dollars to make. It all depends on where you get your materials and what you already own. But keeping it around 20 dollars shouldn’t be hard.

How to do this DIY project? Check out HERE, with all the information and pictures that you need to get to know how to make it.

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