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Garden: Strawberry Planter From Pallet


Everybody loves strawberries, but the best strawberries are fresh strawberries that are grown by own. Usually, if you want to grow strawberries, you need a garden where to grow them. But if you planters for that, you do not have to dig up your garden. Simply build a simple strawberry planter and start growing fresh tasty strawberries, it is not late to start!

What You Need

To make a strawberry planter, you need:

  • A pallet
  • A hand saw or jigsaw
  • Electric drill or hammer
  • 4cm screws and 8cm screws
  • 8cm nails
  • Paint (optional)
  • Splitting wedge (optional)
  • Strawberry plants
  • Soil
How Much It Cost

The cost of making the planter is really low. It should come around 15$. Also, you need to buy strawberry plants, and their prices vary, from 2-5$ per plant.

How To Make It

All the information that you need with pictures and steps is HERE or check out the video below

Leave a comment below how your project went.


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